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How to edit catwalk with railings block?


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When you place catwalk with railing next to another catwalk, its inner railing disappears. This also happens when placed next to solid block.

I'm trying to build a wall out of plates and the railing won't disappear. Also it won't disappear when placed next to a door, which makes the door unusable.


Can i edit the catwalk block and add blocks that make the railing disappear? How?




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Yeah, this drives me crazy :)


I just use a regular wood catwalk next to a catwalk w/railing.


And if I need a railing for the other side of it, I'll stick a wood railing on it.


Hope that helps a little.


(and also works well for those wacky catwalk builds)



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Yeah, this drives me crazy also. I tried looking into it but I don't know how the mechanics work that tells the catwalk with rails to lose the rails when it's next to another catwalk with rails or a solid block. All the catwalk blocks seem to refer back to the same item ID. Hoping someone knows a fix...

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