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Hi, I have an idea and can't see anyone posting the same thing or made any mod similar to this.


So I'm sick of securing a POI and then zombies spawn inside days later when I return from a loot run. So I want them gone!


I have little mod knowledge but I'm willing to make it if I had some help or if someone else could that'd be great.




Block: "NoSpawns16"

CanMobsSpawnOn: "False"

SellableToTrader: "False"


Health when placed - 3000 HP

Pickup when placed - Yes

Can Zombies attack/destroy it - Yes

What you get when you destroy the block - Iron

Spawn as loot? No

Craftable? Yes - Forged Iron

NoNPCsSpawnRadius: 16x16 (Height: Infinite)


NOTE: This would act similar to a Minecraft when a light source is placed, mobs will not spawn within the area. Except with this, they will not spawn in the area around the radius of the block of 16x16 around and a height up and down being unlimited.




A new block called "NoSpawns" (or whatever you want to call it) can be placed on the ground acting similar to a Land Claim Block or Bedroll. Zombies and any other known hostile AI/NPC will be restricted to SPAWNING within 16 blocks each side of the placed NoSpawns Block. Zombies may still go inside the area as normal, but spawning within the area they can't. No matter what, as long as the block is there. Stack the blocks by having 1 every 16 blocks to extend the safe zone area, and build your base, infacts, take over the entire city of 1000 blocks and have no zombies spawn there because of your NoSpawns Blocks.




During horde night, if your base is too big with these everywhere, zombies will NOT spawn out of it's limit zone, therefore the game will not be 'properly functional' as it should be, this would only happen if you are completely surronded by the blocks for miles. If you go to 1 side of your big wall in the city, the horde will approach from that side as you are almost at the end of your safe zone. Understand? (No ideas on how to make this work with horde night as zombies can't spawn in too far away, unless you break that rule all together. But the idea initially is to have a medium sized base like a small castle that zombies can still spawn just outside on horde night. Still big enough to act like a community town with zombies still spawning outside. Not designed for taking over the entire CITY! Although it would be a good idea to reclaim the world as a new game? Just messes up horde night if surrounded by these blocks)





I take over an area. There are 6 houses, fairly large, I clean out all the zombies. Build a wall around the entire area of 6 houses, this is now my base or a 'small town' SAFEZONE (Like Alexandria on The Walking Dead for example). I place the NoSpawns Blocks every 16 blocks 1 block underground all over inside my walls. Go out to loot for a few days, come back, some zombies are outside my walls trying to get in, I kill them, head inside and it's safe, no zombies inside at all. LIKE IT SHOULD BE.


Horde night approaches, Zombies are attacking my base from outside. I defend it, horde night is over, a screamer zombie comes, screams and zombies come from everywhere outside ONLY. (Not inside like it does if base too big in a POI).


Good idea or not? Think it would be amazing to to finally control zones. Someone please make this come true!

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could be usefull in a really big multi player base because bedroll already does a good job with 15blocks radius i think,not sure, but with 4 players it's 60x60, 3600blocks safe. it's the kind of item what should be a lot more expensive to craft or it will be over use. with gold or raw diamond

for the looting prefabs i'm not really enthusiast (but if i don't want it idon't use it ;) ) 'cause i like killing zombis when i comeback, it's funnier when there is some challenge, and with all the new prefabs looting became so easy we have to low looting ratio or it looks like a creation mod.

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You can't do it the way minecraft works as far as I know. The Land Claim block should already work like that. However, you can make one to do what you want and just replace the floor.




<block id="xxx" name="NoSpawn">
<property name="Group" value="Building"/>
<property name="Material" value="Mmetal_medium"/>
<property name="MaxDamage" value="3000"/>
<property name="PassThroughDamage" value="true"/>
<property name="Texture" value="355,355,356,356,356,356"/>
<!-- <property name="ImposterExchange" value="imposterBlock" param1="112"/> -->
<property name="CreativeMode" value="None"/>
<property class="RepairItems"> <property name="forgedIron" value="8"/> </property>
<property name="CustomUpgradeSound" value="place_block_metal"/>
<drop event="Harvest" name="scrapIron" count="15" prob="1"/>
<drop event="Destroy" count="0"/>
<drop event="Fall" name="scrapMetalPile" count="1" prob="0.75" stick_chance="1"/>
<property name="EconomicValue" value="160"/>
<property name="DescriptionKey" value="NoSpawnDesc"/>
<property name="CanMobsSpawnOn" value="false"/>
<property name="SellableToTrader" value="false"/>


Also you can do what you want (taking over POI's and making sure the sleepers don't come back) by just replacing the floor. I don't mean upgrade the blocks, I mean dig them up and replace them, because sleeper spawners are "invisible blocks" that sit in POI's. By getting rid of their support, you basically destroy them.

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<property name="CanMobsSpawnOn" value="false"/> works only to a certain degree, screamers will still spawn zombies on a block with this code applied if no other option is available, same with 7 day hordes. I do believe it is effective against biome spawns and sleeper spawns, I may be wrong about the sleeper spawns but a bedroll can take care of those. Also bedrolls are equally effective in this same regard.


There are levels of spawn triggers that get passed and each successive trigger ignores further rules in order force zombies to spawn.


Also Land Claim blocks do not do anything to inhibit zombie spawns.

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Sleeper spawns are invisible blocks. They have nothing to do with the floor. And you dont know where they are, the only solution is to put woodframes (or other easily removeable blocks) in every (or if you remember where the sleepers spawned just those) AIR blocks in the building, because those blocks override the invisible blocks like grass, spawners, etc...

Nothing else prevents sleepers, not even the bedroll



Then you have to rebuild (upgrading is sufficient) the floor, to prevent the random spawns ("can spawn on" setting) of the floors (Those should also be overriden by the land-claim block).

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