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Blood Moon horde is great for first 1-2 hours, then *nothing* follows... How to fix?


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There are three of us playing on a private server, with combined game stages of around 500-600... I don't think this is a server or Multiplayer question, so I've posted in GD.


Compared to early in the game, the blood moon would have an initial horde, and then dribbles for the remainder of the night. Great, this was 'normal'... You'd get sporadic Z's all through the BM night.


Now, we get a great initial surge... then nothing after about 11.30... And we hop down and clean up because there's nothing else going on! We just had night #49, and we first noticed the problem on night #35, confirmed on #42.


I've checked my gamestage settings (which is the only thing I've changed), as one of our level 60 players had 40+ deaths and a game stage of 80 - because I set the "daysAliveChangeWhenKilled" from 2, to 0. Because we were finding things rather easy, and put it down to that. I also changed nomadGameDifficultyBonus from 0.2 to 0.4. The roaming hoards and related difficulty increase were pretty good.


Just to confirm, I've done a diff on the pre-post changes to gamestages.xml and have confirmed those are the only two changes.


The problem is just on BM nights.


I have not tried reverting these values yet because I don't see that they directly affect the dribble/flow of Z's after the initial wave on BM nights. Plus it takes another game-week to get there...


Any thoughts on this please?

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Another thing you can do (might not work for all server setups, but works for us; our setup is me hosting the server and 2 other players co-op'ing)....


1. Fight your horde as normal until you are down to the dribbles.


2. Have all players log out, then host logs out.


3. Host restarts server and everyone logs in again.....as long as it is not yet daytime, ANOTHER complete BM horde will spawn!!


4. Repeat until daytime.


Managed to fit 4+ complete hordes into the BM night via this method.

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I had the same problem, even edited the xml myself, but as soon as I used Guppy's file my horde's have been awesome! Usually jump down and join the horde on the ground at 3am but there's no shortage of zombies. After my wife and I loot everything and cut the bodies up it's 10am. If you want more, just rename the gamestages to gamestages.old and paste Guppy's file in there. Easy as pie

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