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  1. Until it cracks like it did in the Sears / Willis Tower. Made sure to include a night shot of it
  2. One thing I've been known to do, usually at a factory, is to run around with no silencer firing off my AK or other loud weapon, trying to wake up the sleepers.
  3. For the past few months we've been doing a Scavenger Hunt for the community. We crank up a new world, give everyone supplies, pull us all to start in the same place, and you have 1 hour to get as many things on the list we provide as you can. Everything has a point value, bring everything back within an hour and see who wins. If you wanna give it a go we'll be giving out more info on Discord closer to the time https://discord.gg/VYMjMpq - Streaming / recording is allowed, zombies are set to difficulty of 0, it's not about the zombies, it's about the hunt. Vanilla RWG. Come by and give it a go! Just a little competitive fun. Winner, if they provide an address will get SWAG.
  4. Just asking as well as potentially helping. If the region has something you don't want reset, and they said it was a two player game, could player2 to go to the area, get spammed with NRE's while player1 kills the entity from a safe distance?
  5. Random World Generator. Creates a custom world to explore. The other option is Navezgane which is a constant world.
  6. <sarcasm>Well done Alloc, he's killed CPM, feel better?</sarcasm>
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