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[Solo Playing] My base dissapeared for no reason


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Today while I was exploring around the map I get the message "Your bedroom has disappeared" for no reason so I decided to lead back to my base and it just disappeared, my base was just a house from the game itself which I was reworking at my own.


The whole house has been replaced for its original house model and all my stuff banished, my 'character' still there and I still have the items from my inventory/level/skills, trees which I planted around the house still there.


Once I saw that, I closed the game through the windows process manager, trying to evade the 'exit' option and maybe the 'world save' process, but my base still not there once I re opened the game.


I don't use any kind of mod, any ideas? Can I restore the whole thing somehow? I'm mega mad.

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The Vanilla game wouldn't play a message "Your bedroom has disappeared". bedroll maybe


Given the issue with the map resetting I'd say that you are either on X-Box (which this is not the right forum section for), or there was some issue. Would absolutely need the log file from this episode.

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Im playing on a PC at the solo mode as I said, and the message I mentioned is what I remember it could differ since it just appeared 2 seconds or so :apathy:.


I attached the log output from this session :(


I think that message should have been in the log but its not...


Looking at the log in about 30 minutes after you spawn in it says:


HandleD3DDeviceLost: still lost

Skipped rendering frame because GfxDevice is in invalid state (device lost)"


Then it recovers and a 'good one' at: 2018-03-03T21:46:02 2583.508


Then it goes to heck at:

2018-03-04T04:21:02 26271.737 ERR EXCEPTION: In load chunk (chunkX=-99 chunkZ=118):Cannot expand this MemoryStream


That doesn't change till:

2018-03-04T04:24:21 26471.228 ERR EXCEPTION: In load chunk (chunkX=-123 chunkZ=117):Wrong chunk header!

StackTrace: at RegionFileManager.NMQ (System.String , Int64 ) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0



Sadly you can't 'restore it' since its been "saved already" by exiting and going back in. It seems to be some type of file error with the 'save files' as noted in the above errors. Although the device lost errors seem to be related to the graphics card; it started out not 30 minutes into your game but then it recovered.


My guess is wipe the game, reinstall from steam. Right click on 7 days to die and verify the integrity of your files before playing again; after you've verified the files try playing again for at least 30 minutes and then exiting and then logging back in.


If you notice any glitches try noting them down.


This game and no game I know of will do this at all unless there is something wrong.

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The HandleD3DDeviceLost seems to be totally related with the game engine, here or here.


It's ok if I can't restore my base I just want to be sure that it won't happen again.

Yes, but if you look deeper you'll see most of the ones are from around 2012, but there are now more recent posts and many are without answers.


Well if you do what's suggested then it shouldn't happen again but the only way to be 'sure' is to do a test run.

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You could make backups of your maps just to be able to get back if something like this happens again.






Yes I'm doing that.. Every few hours I do a backup..

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