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Handful Of Zombies = Super Laggy


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Doesn't take much to drag this game down when a horde comes 'a walkin'... I had 4 z's at my base and everything got insanely choppy. Is this a universal issue for everyone? Workarounds/fixes?


i7 quad-core, Win10, GeForce 1070 GTX, 32MB RAM


1080p @ 60hz

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PewP3r, I am throwing my opinion here after looking at the desktop information. The others are more qualified to answer and assist but what caught my eye was: " ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. G20CB (LGA1151) 114 °C " .


Now maybe I am just fortunate but my CPU consistently at load never exceeds about 50°C. Not saying thats the issue but my cpu is a bit lower capability wise than yours but yours seems too hot which may cause issues. I am curious I guess if others see this as well. I know the game is more cpu than gpu intensive but still that seems like it might cause an issue. I am still learning to troubleshoot this game so I hope you bare with me adding input here.


Good luck either way.

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For the MB temp, I don't think that's reading correctly. Might want to double-check that though. I'll continue assuming it's incorrect since the other temps are fine.

Update: Some quick research shows that it's common for that sensor to be misread by HW monitors.


1. Showing corrupt or missing files. Verify the client. Be sure you've fully excluded Steam and all sub-folders from Trend Micro first. Instructions for that are in the FAQ Sticky.


2. Download the latest driver from here. Run it as admin. Choose advanced options. Un-tick all the 3D-Vision options, and tick the box for "perform a clean installation".


3. You have Win10, so completely disable the x-box bloatware. Step One , Step Two.


4. Disable or remove RivaTuner. By itself, or packaged with MSI Afterburner. Having it running has been known to tank FPS in Unity games.


5. Double-verify that everything inside Steam (including the client) is fully excluded from Trend-Micro. Not only will TM corrupt your files, but it will also tank performance if it's scanning them while they are trying to do things.


6. Not really related to your issue, but consider a new HDD. At a minimum you'll want a SSD for your primary. That particular HDD though is a bit on the slow side for its speed, and has a tendency to be pretty loud. A similar model Hitachi runs about 20% faster with 1/4 the noise. The Hard Drive is the primary weak point in your system's hardware specs.

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Alright, did some work last night--all in the name of 7 Days, mind you, because this game is super awesome :)


I discovered that my SATA controller (BIOS) was set to RAID, so switched that to ACHI. I've also ordered an SSD drive which should arrive in a couple days, thanks for that suggestion!


I validated the 7 Days files in Steam, but went ahead and uninstalled/reinstalled just in case.


Updated my GeForce driver using the "clean install" method and un-ticked GeForce Experience and 3D Vision stuff.


Xbox and Game Mode stuff has long since been disabled.


I switched my system page file from 40GB to "system managed" (4GB)


Already had the root Steam folder in the Trend Micro exclusions list, and I play with the service "muted" anyway. BTW, your instructions for this are for the enterprise version of Trend Micro, not the consumer, but same general rules. Though, there's no "enable exclusions" option in the consumer prouduct, you just add the folder and it's supposed to work.


After doing all of this, I switched vsync mode to "adaptive (half)" in Nvidia cp and enabled triple buffering. I've also noticed that the "ASR smoothing" in the Nvidia Profile Inspector seems to help jitters in this game a whole lot, which is strange because it's meant for SLI systems. Enabled that as well. I recall having done quite a bit of tuning in the global options for Fallout 4 a while back, so I'm wondering if those impacted performance?


Also, uninstalled Rivatuner and Afterburner per-recommendations--I was using the FPS limiter to try and fix some controller look-speed issues when the frame rate dipped.


I'm happy to say after all of that, things work pretty well now. Getting 90-120 FPS without any controller speed issues at 120Hz (I play on my TV). Still unsure as to why using vsync adaptive/half in the Nvidia CP and leaving Vsync on in game (both enabled) seems to be the best combo, but there it is.


Will report back after I've had some more play time. Haven't built a new base yet or had a horde attack, but things feel a lot smoother now.


- - - Updated - - -


Is there a guide to specific Nvidia CP tweaks for this game anywhere?

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only and i mean only a suggestion...


you have 32G ram, nice cpu and nice video card...


disable/uninstall everything for nividia bloatware and ONLY install drivers (nothing else), with your combination of video card, cpu and nice amount of ram, why install 3rd party optimizers that dont do very much to actually optimize game without affecting true computer performance. i have never installed anything other then the drivers only since 1998 and have yet to have any issues.


again its offered only as a suggestion but i think you may see the benefit but its up to the individual.

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What bloatware/optimizers are you referring to, exactly? I did remove Rivatuner, Afterburner and reinstalled w/o the 3D vision or Experience stuff, so I think I'm already there.


Performance update--Last night was out in the wilderness, ran great. Back in a town now and it's chopping/stuttering all over the place again. FPS bounces from 50-80ish so I'm guessing something to do with my TV running at 120Hz. Will try and change it in the Nvidia CP to 60Hz and see how that goes.


Shadows disabled, SSAO disabled, reflections disabled, 1080p

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Set Nvidia Cp refresh rate to 60Hz, Fast Sync and Vsync Half in-game. Also reset graphics options to defaults, and enabled AA, full textures and disabled shadows. Things are way smoother now but the controller movement feels super slow, even at 100. I disabled triple buffering which helped the input lag a little bit, but still... Getting there. Now it feels like I'm moving/looking in water, but at least I'm not getting stuttered around.

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Quick update -- New SSD and Windows reinstall. Things are working much more smoothly now, but I'm still stuck with the "controller drag" issue, which I hear is mostly due to controller support issues within the application itself. As the frame rate bounces around, from low 60s to upper 110s, I constantly have to change my mouse look sensitivity due to changes with in-game sensitivity. Someone's suggested that I set my TV refresh down to 60Hz, which seems to help but it also slows everything down in general.

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