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  1. Was, yes... not sure if it still works in A19 as my SMG turrets & Corset (see other post) basically remove any need for additional base defenses. Mostly draw the odd screamer in my A19 game, and can deal with a mini-horde pretty easy as of day 120. Major hordes take place at the Corset
  2. And for further proof that there is no such thing as "go big or go home", I bring you... the Pagoda! I built this little guy atop four stilts, each base featuring the steep wedge design rendering zombies dumb and inert. There's a small platform you can stand on to snipe any unwanted visitors (before I learned about SMG turrets), and I made a nice little garage for my motorcycle (background). This design lasted me a good 60 days before I decided to upgrade. Kinda cramped but very functional.
  3. Further proof that you don't need to go crazy with your bases... I built this charming little home atop a Piggy Bank and it served me well for 80+ days! After gutting the inside of the bank and installing SMG turrets, I made a nice two-story home on the roof featuring a nice garden and rooftop patio! I also turned the drive-through teller area into a ramp for my 4x4 jeep. Solid platforms are the real bread-and-butter if you want to survive the apocalypse, so why build one yourself? Save yourself the concrete.
  4. My final base design, day 109 on my single-player map... Used a modular 4-space stilt platform to make a 23x29 space on which I built a pseudo-temple base design. Above are two workrooms, one being a "hot room" for forges, chemistry station and cooking, and the other a storage and workbench room. Above those workrooms are a bedroom and study. I noodled around the sides using abstract designs and candles, created a reflection pool + gardens and mounted a few SMG turrets on the underbelly to keep the screamers away. I also added a cool Japanese'esque breezeway between the two lower rooms with a floral divider and openings on the roof for sunlight to bleed through. The entire thing is powered by a standalone generator (housed) off to the side, out of noise-reach, and sits atop a bluff at 132m so whatever makes its way up to the top gets polished off rather quickly. All survival mode. My favorite feature of this one is my new two-forge "brick oven" design... love this.
  5. Have been screwing a round a lot on 7 Days due to being unemployed, and this modified corridor design is making life really easy... Figured I'd share. In addition to the basic wedge-tip, 6 blocks up design I've installed a generator beneath the last span with concrete guardrails to keep the spitters away. I added two light bridges to keep things visible, but the main addition is the electric fence horizontal "laced" design. I added wedge tip spans along the sides of the entryway, each with an electric fence at the end. Then, I threaded the wiring using the same technique we used to use as kids to horizontally lace our shoelaces... over one, skip one, over one, etc. This way, the horde slams into the first wire, gets stunned, runs a bit and slams into the next, etc. Mobs rarely get passed the third wire giving me ample time to snipe. I've also recently added similar wedges back by the tower, but positioned vertically so that there's three wires running up the exit point for any dogs and/or spiders. Pretty great design, has served me well 109 days and counting.
  6. Was cruising around on day 109 in my jellycopter and it dawned on me... What if, as I was flying back home with these new solar cells and bank, I spotted a massive train derailment? Or perhaps a pile-up on a road? I could land and fine some super pristine loot that would've only been spotted scouting by plane. I think this is a pretty cool concept for late-game discovery. You might discover these by foot or by wheel early or mid-game, but really the ornithoper is the way to go... These nodes aren't on the mini-map or easily found, perhaps randomly spawn and de-spawn like the air drops (although that'd be weird since supposedly everyone's dead). But I mean, rare and seriously good loot. Because like... what else is there to do on day 109?
  7. Was cruising around in my 4x4 doing a bit of exploring and lamenting on the late-game sameness... Day 54, level 51 and basically invulnerable, have most of the good loot, what now? Here's a thought: randomly generated, timer-based infestations of towns and cities. This event can happen from day 1, it picks a handful of cities and/or towns across the map and deems them "infestation sites; basically zombie hot-zones. In these zones, there are more zombies per sqft, the zombies are more aggressive in general (damage/speed), there are awful (new) boss-like zombies unique to these zones, loot quality is notched up AND... there are unique items and/or quality levels (7?) only to be found in these regions. When a player discovers an infestation site it is on a timer which will revert back to normal in a number of weeks. Or, the player can locate and clear a number of objectives (yet to be named) which are fiercely guarded by the worst of the unique mobs, resulting in a major xp and loot reward and the reverting of the region back to a normal state. This type of global event would give us all interesting things to do up in the latter levels! And maybe some of these super nasty unique mobs wander into neighboring towns for some mayhem and destruction, giving the player a hint that there's an infestation nearby. Maybe infested towns have green fog too? Worms? Maggots? Slime? Possibilities are endless!
  8. First of all, absolutely amazed by the quality of these generated maps! Kudos. Question: I ticked the "random start location" option in my new map, but every time I start a new game I end up in the same place 😕 Is there a bug with this option or am I not doing it right? EDIT: Nevermind... If you delete your first save and start a new one, you land in the same spot. If you keep your first save and start a new one it generates a new starting location. Guess that's the trick
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