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  1. Hey y'all, Based on some advice I got from another thread, I learned myself how to create a custom biomes.png file! I know, aren't you proud? I've created two maps that I'll link to below, which have been spot-checked for defects, for you to use if you feel so inclined. I used MS Paint's "curves" to attempt to recreate what I thought would be a more realistic and accurate biome map with large, sweeping areas. I created a couple areas of burned forest within the forest itself, to simulate actual hotspots, and I created an invasion of the wasteland deep to the SE in the desert biome--again because I feel like they're closer in style. Once I made the base image in Paint, I saved it as a BMP (because PNGs from Paint don't seem to work in 7 Days) and imported it into Krita--a super cool open source art program I was referred to. In Krita, I created a custom square pixel brush using the square dimensions from the dithering in the other stock biome maps and used it to hand draw dithering (thank god for the auto-spacing effect) around all of the boundaries. The in-game effect is pretty cool, but for those of you who prefer strict, clean cut boundaries I'm also providing the non-dithered version free of charge. So, there you have it! I'm about to spark up my first 17.3 game using this bad boy and see how it goes. Maybe this will save some of you from the biome blues with all of this bizarre, spotty patchwork biome art going on from the RWG engine. If you're not familiar with using custom biome files, here's what you do: Create a new 8,192k map (I used West Wikiye Territory for no particular reason), then quit the game Navigate to C:\Users\[user]\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie\GeneratedWorlds\[world_name] Replace the biomes.png file with your favorite, dithered or non (be sure to rename to biomes.png) Go back into 7 Days, delete your old save, then create a new game with the same world Non-Dithered Biome Map Dithered Biome Map
  2. Any chance we'll see realistic roads in A18 RWG? Would love to be able to drive around on the roads without slamming into bizarre wedges and drops. Would also love to see world blocks tweaked so they're seamless when you dig holes and place new blocks with alternate rotations... For example, digging a trench to place a base foundation. When you drop concrete blocks in the holes, you're left with a gap all around the base that you have to the cover up with more blocks. Would love it if those spaces filled themselves in. Also-also, MORE MELEE WEAPONS!! So little love on the melee front.
  3. Yea, or hell... Build a new ore, gold, into the game. Make it high-value and tie it directly to currency (coins/dollars), and spread it throughout all biomes equally as a rare substance to be mined (underground only). Don't base any crafting recipes on it, or perhaps only very small amounts for very exotic recipes. Then, you can tier all prices based on that.
  4. You know, was thinking more about this... Back in the day, I ran a Minecraft server and had to come up with an in-game currency system. I ended up choosing an "anchor" ore currency, similar to how gold (used to be) the US standard which backed the dollar. I picked an ore that was somewhat difficult to find and not used for much in terms of crafting (gold), then created a tiered value structure for n-to-gold based on the lesser ores. From this basic system, you could price anything that was crafted from any combo of ores and it worked fairly well. Since 7 Days relies on basic items to craft most things (wood, stone, iron, clay, grass, etc.) perhaps you could pick a handful of "base elements" and create a similar pricing system. What are the root substances/items that drive the vast majority of crafting in the game? Think, 80/20 rule. Then, come up with a price-per based on relative rarity. Once you have that established, do the math to price items derived from those substances and add a multiplier when skill unlocks come into play (IE. base_substances x tiers_to_unlock = base_value). Starting from the perspective of, "What are the most basic elemental building blocks to craft most items?", pricing those elements and then working my way up the tree of craftable items really helped me get the economy sorted. Maybe that'll give you some ideas.
  5. Ooh, so happy there's a thread for this! I'd parked my minibike (hand-built, no mods, survival mode) on some raised terrain next to my house (which was generated into the side of a small hill). I got the motorcycle unlock, so built one of those and took it on a trip across the map for a couple days to scout out towns, etc. My first and only base is in a squatter A-frame in the far SE corner of the map in a smidge of forest biome surrounded by snow. After my trip, I came back and parked around the other side of my house, then proceeded to play a couple more real-life days on-and-off until one day... I was up around the back of my house moving my bicycle down to the lower parking area I'd just made, then wondered where my minibike had run off to. The bike symbol was on the compass, right where I'd left it, but no minibike. I dug down about ten blocks or so but didn't find anything. Forgot about the whole thing and wrote it off as a goner until tonight, when I was building a structure nearby and happened to look up at the sun (clear day). There was a speck of something fixed in the sky, which I naturally thought to be a vulture, but it wasn't moving. I shot at it with my scoped rifle, nothing. I grabbed my 8x scoped rifle and tried to make out what it was but couldn't tell. So, I built 300 wood frames and box-jumped up until I hit the skybox limit and tried the scope one more time... Lo-and-behold, my minibike had ascended to heaven!! God be praised. Sitting right up there next to the sun with a curious black spot next to it. Tried shooting at it again with the hopes of knocking it back to earth but no dice, she's stuck captain. See screenshots for details. Hope this helps y'all on your quest to fix this bug! Bike located on the compass, but nowhere in sight Scoped minibike sighting from 300 blocks up
  6. Fixing the In-Game Economy Hey folks, There's a serious disconnect between looted item value and bought (trader) item value that ought to be looked at. When you can sell a pistol for 50 bucks but a hunting knife costs 4,000, something's off. To start, I think it'd make sense to price things according to typical buy/sell rates you'd find in real life. A pawn dealer would probably buy something off of you for 40-70% less than it's worth upon resell, depending on your ability to negotiate (barter skill) and the quality of the item. This would mean that the same hunting knife, when it comes time to sell, should be worth about 2,000 bucks--which is still ridiculous. I see that the prices for selling items have been drastically reduced over the past couple releases, but the price to buy has not. I also see that pistols are still way too common in the wasteland. Perhaps some work could be done reconciling item rarity vs. trader prices, and bringing the buy/sell disparity under control? The trader ought to also factor in lesser value for crafted vs. non-crafted items (loot only), and less complex vs. more complex crafted items.
  7. BOATS! Holy hell, yes please. Swimming is getting really old
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