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[QUERY] Too many zombies for F6, any solutions?


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Ok, so I am working on a mod here, and have done up a bunch of new zombies. Among other things I've added in all the missing radiated zombies from the vanilla set. The result is way too many total zombies to fit on the spawn-in list in the creative menu, F6. So a whole bunch of them fall off the end. I'd like to do bugtesting of my new zombies, but having trouble figuring out how to spawn them in. Is there any easy way around this, a way to expand the menu, or get to a second page that I am unaware of?


At the moment I am thinking of just adding an 'a' to the beginning of all my new adds, so they jump to the top of the queue, and that will probably suffice for now, but some way to actually fix the problem would be preferred, in case one later wants to spawn zombies in for some reason. Either a way to make the menu bigger(I think I've seen that on some mods), or a way to have it page, or a way to just exclude some from the list?

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