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  1. Ah! That makes sense as to why it's only a problem for some people.
  2. Titanium and raw titanium do not appear to have functional inventory icons.
  3. Hmm. The trader's being unprotected seems to up the odds of the trader despawn glitch.... :/
  4. So, I modified cell size down to 700, left everything else as is, and still ended up with full sized cities. They bumped right up against one another on some borders, and you could see the separation points. So I think that though cell size does technically provide an absolute upper limit on city size, increasing it will not increase city size -at all-, alone. It will just result in the same size cities, separated by vast empty spaces. Because cities don't grow to fill the cell, they just are constrained by the limits of the cell as an upper bound. One has to increase the hub size, and possibly other hub rules, to actually generate a bigger city within the cell, because that is what determines the size of the city itself. The cell size determines how much empty land is generated around the city.
  5. Actually, i guess those ratio depend on whether cell size is in square distance or not. If it is the number of total square [units] then proportional increase is needed. If it's in flat distance units, the actual area ends up the cell size^2, and so the proportional increase has to be squared too. So double needs those numbers to be x4, 50% increase would need x2.25, etc.
  6. Yeah, I mentioned the wilderness spawn_min_max values. If you increase cell size, you have to proportionally increase those numbers to keep POI density at vanilla levels. So double hub size needs double spawn numbers. 50% increase in cell size needs 50% increase, etc. Not doing so results in very long distances between pois, increasing them more results in more frequent pois.
  7. I was under the impression that it wasn't the over-arching world gen cell size, but rather the hub rules. These: <width value="735, 735" /> <height value="255, 255" /> that constrained the maximum size of a hub. That cell size determined biomes, and each biome could have up to one hub within it, but that the hub could grow well beyond the bounds of it's cell(otherwise you wouldn't see cities crossing biome boundaries)? One way to test would be to make very, very small cell size but increase the hub stats.
  8. I am not sure that that is true, but again, I am not really certain. I am under the impression that the hub rules dictate the size of the cities. They can, after all, spread well outside of their root biome. Hubs are generally much smaller than biomes.
  9. Modifying cell size increases the sizes of biomes, and makes cities further apart, but I am unsure it impacts the sizes of cities themselves. I am pretty sure that is handled solely by the Hub Rules, though I am not positive. If one wants to increase the biome size and maintain the same density of POIs in the wild, it is important to change the wilderness_rule's spawn_min_max values. Increasing them proportional to the increase in cell size, so if you double the cell size, you double the values in the wilderness_rules spawn_min_max. This maintains the same POI density as vanilla.
  10. Hmm. Interested in the idea of this. Sounds like a lot of really cool ideas. But I must say my first impression of the world is that it feels... desolate. Have tried a couple starts, but at none of them has there been a single poi anywhere in view. The 2 I tried to play through for a while, after walking, doing some minor gathering and fighting but mainly just -walking- for an entire day(about a half hour each time) I did not reach the trader. And each walk, I only even saw a couple POIs, on the horizon. Apart from coming across a campsite. i have yet to see a town. it feels very empty. And both times I've come across a -huge- body of water, which sort of adds to the emptiness.... I don't know that I've experienced quite this huge an empty space in a mod before. Am I just getting bad seeds/spawns? Or are pois/towns turned way down, or cell sizes turned way up...?
  11. Message Sphereii. I am sure he will help you out. The Launcher is his pet project right now, I believe.
  12. I am sure that at some point Sphereii will be summoned from the abyss to do so. In the meantime, you can download the mod and point the mod launcher at the folder that contains the download using 'Add New My Mods'. This -usually- works.
  13. Oh, I see the news I missed, microtransactions and loot boxes confirmed. Yay! (just to be safe for anyone randomly scrolling last page, no, this is joke)
  14. Hmm. I have poked at all the linked 'Things for to look at that were the devs talking about a thing". Last one was the 2 weeks ago. Digging through the shenanigans of the past 2 weeks feels a bit of a task and I wanna get back to modding. Any chance you can link me to these awesome new stuffs that have been mentioned since then...? Lol. Just if you happen to know off the top of your head where/what they were. Definitely not asking you to go digging for me, it's not pressing. Unless you just mean the vehicle video. Saw that the other day. It is spiffy, but not as exciting to me personally. I am super excited for more interesting ways to warp the systems into abominations nature never intended.
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