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Luxury Apartment Tower


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Define inactive? Like, they just stood around? 'cause that would be weird. Once they spawn they're just regular zombies, unless you're just super unlucky and are getting the 1hp ones... those seem to be useless.


Yeh thanks for the update and for passing the word; he pm'ed me. Man I hate cancer.

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Just started a co-op with my brother and it appeared in Navezgane. Not my intent must have been testing it there. No mesh file for it. Went in to look around but early game is not the best time to go in there.

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I have made a mesh and got sleeper spawns working. http://engifort.site.nfoservers.com/7dtdPrefabs/skyhigh.zip


Stripping loot might not be needed. Making it high risk; high reward might balance out. Its set to spawn lots of zombies more so than the vanilla skyscrapers. Some dogs and ferals should be a guarantee regardless of player level.


The feedback:

Exterior ****

Parking garage **

Interior ***

Layout **




Exterior: From the outside the front looks great but behind I noticed its windowless -_-. But because the front looks really good I give it a 4 star.


Parking garage: While I like the multi-layer underground parking, its environment is kind of ewww. The rebar concrete look wall to wall looks quite off. The bad aesthetics outweigh the good part of it so I give that a 2 star.


Interior:While I like shiny marble and dark granite, its overused. 90% of the building is just 2 texturs. Adding some carpet, redwood, drywall and even white granite to give it more color variants would do the trick. It being too grey I give it a 3 star. Also, so many doorways missing doors


Layout: The apartments are more like the studio type. Bedroom, living room and kitchen with no walls dividing them. There is only 2 apartment units per floor. From the outside it looks like it would have more than that. Overall It feels more like a commercial building than an apartment complex with 50% of the building being all business. I give this a 2 star


NOTE: This prefab has a low chance of spawning in because of its massive size. Those who add this to their game may have to increase length_multiplier in the street generator. However, drawback to doing this can also make larger gaps between small buildings throwing the urban vibe off

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