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A16 - STARVATION Mod for A16


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So I've been playing starvation mod with a few friends and got to the point where we could start using x-rad clothes and hazmat clothes that we found in the scientist's underground base.

We tried the clothes near the outer edge boundary to get glowing mushrooms and what not, the clothes tell me I'm protected and it works for over 2 hours, but when we use the same clothes in the inner radiation biome areas it tells me the same thing that I'm protected but myhealth starts going down as soon as the x-rad shirt or hazmat shirt health goes down a bit which happens quickly. I then start losing health fast too, which makes exploring any inner radiation biome's unfeasable. You can try to offset that with anti rad meds and first aid kits but that doesn't hold too long.

I tried cheating in higher level clothes to test if that is the issue, but it isn't. I tried level 600 clothes. Is there some bug or am I doing something wrong? Please help.

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Thanks for that.

I have another question but I doubt anyone coud help. I know that the farming station(farmer npc) is bugged and only works if you upgrade the farm storage to icy farm storage using ice balls, but the farm storage doesn't stay icy for too long by design. The problem is when the icy farm storage reverts to normal the farmer npc stops working again until I upgrade it with snow again. Is there anything I can edit to make it stay longer in icy mode or maybe even make it permanent by swapping the files over to make both blocks icy? I guess that probably wont work because the code for the icy mode is probably written somewhere else I think.

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