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Hi Survivalists,


In our ongoing mission to fully explore that mysterious creature known as the content creator, we have decided that a new forum is in order. Please follow the rules and don't manhandle the streamers or the youtubers you might encounter here. A soft tickle or quick poke will be overlooked.


Have fun and find lots of new talent and spread the word. Let's help out all the streamers who devote their talent and time to 7 Days to Die.

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In this section, only video content creators may start threads.


Content Creators


You may have exactly one thread here to advertise your content, regardless of which or how many platforms you use, how much content you have, or how your content is organized. Organization of your thread is up to you.


Do post links to your site or channel, descriptions of your content, embedded videos, and notice of updates as you like.


Don’t solicit donations.


You may ask a moderator to reserve posts for you in your thread, for the sake of keeping your content visible above any comments.


Non-Content Creators


You may not start threads here, but you are still encouraged to participate by posting in any existing threads, and/or posting in other sections, like Images & Video.


All Users


Feel free to post in the pinned General Discussion thread about streaming in general.

Feel free to post in the pinned Recommendations thread about content creators you like, whether or not they’re listed here. However, this thread is only for positive recommendations.

As always, respect all the rules of the forum. Disruptive behavior, such as airing a dispute publicly in someone’s thread, is not acceptable.

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