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1.0 news?

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It's been about a week and without combing through thousands of posts, is there a space where we can see how close they are to releasing? Some of us would like to schedule our PTO from work to play, and the only reliable news I've seen is their page about giving streamers a 1 week advance, the dev stream 2 was on Jun 3, and it is currently June 10th so are we pushing this back all the way until the last week of June? Can we get an update or an ETA somewhere easily findable and readable for people just trying to find that information without scouring through thousands of posts? Will 1.0 release be on the experimental updates or will it just drop for everyone?

Thanks for any help... Don't have all day to research an answer... & it shouldn't require that much effort to find if TFP intends to let people know, having a little webpage dedicated to that info and a button at the top of the website to find said information would be great (EXAMPLE: Look at how easy wowhead.com is to use, with all the expansions and versions out, you can easily hit the version u want to know about, then mouse over a class, and find a leveling guide in seconds...)

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June 21 1.0 streamer weekend, June 24 1.0 experimental, July 25 1.0 stable PC/console release.

Replace all the effort constructing the post and dissin those who have the time to tune you in, and you would have found the answer quicker.

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1 hour ago, Urban Blackbear said:


Not when someone watched it and transcribed all the relevant info into a forum thread, no.


That has zero to do with YouTube. Move that goal post again. Now you are required to use braille...

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