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Connection issues after 400+ hours I can no longer connect to 7days to die Servers / general game at all.


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Over the last week I have been struggling with an issue that seemingly started from perhaps a random computer reset. But now I can no longer figure out what is going on. Everytime I go to connect to the game through steam I get this "Epic Online Services Login" and a message underneath saying "could not fully initalize epic online services, not logged in ...." IF i am able to get past it for whatever reason after a restart, i get into the main screen and the option to "join a game" and try to join my friends private serer i have had 200 hours on in the last few months, and there are no servers showing up, no private, no hosted, nothing. I have no way of playing the game. Absolutely sad I cannot find any support online, I have tried re-installing multiple times on different drives on the pc. I have ran as administrator, gone down dark holes of editing game config files , failure and resetting again. I have no idea what to do PLEASE HELP!!!!

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Just guesses here:


Add exclusions for the game and save folders in your anti-virus.

If using a VPN, turn it off, or add an exclusion via split tunneling.

Some "gaming" software like gamefirst from Asus can screw up

your network in their attempt to "optimize" it.

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