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"Lost Vegas" Prefab Pack Project


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Lost Vegas Prefab Pack Project


I'm currently working on an initial 10-15 designs in the theme of Las Vegas' famous Strip including custom strip styled tiles. So far I have a few of these builds on the go and one of which I am ready to start testing if you'd be interested in trying one out early. Ideally I want to aim for many more builds than just 10 but for now I feel like that's a reasonable goal for one person to work on in my spare time. 


VoltraLux Casino (Early Access) 

This was my first shot as designing a casino which was a mash up of interior designs of a few real world casinos, the facade is a bit all over the place but I'm pretty happy with where it is now. Being a hotel and casino there are a few floors ranging from hotel suites to a restaurant, nightclub and of course the main casino floor. I'm also fairly pleased with how the roof top has turned out, borrowing elements from prexisting prefabs provided by TFP. 


OneDrive Download



  • 6 Floors; 1) Casino Floor 2) Restaurant/Gift Shop/Nightclub/Stage/Security Office 3-5) Hotel Rooms 6) Rooftop Resort
  • Secret Rooms to find and explore
  • Detailed Interior design
  • Fetch/Clear/Restore Power Compatible
  • Tier 4 Difficulty
  • Environmental Story-Telling
  • Environmental Hazards


Updated 1.1

  • Added Pathway To Floor Three
  • Updated Volumes
  • Added Textures
  • Added Volume to Gift Store
  • Décor Added to Central Hotel Rooms





Needle Tower

Modelled after the Strat in Vegas this was really tricky as large scale circular builds aren't really possible and getting the stability right is also really difficult with a central point of support. I may update the interior at some point because it's really... chair heavy. I have tried to include some variation with what's inside, from conference space, wedding hire, restaurant and bar, secret top floor area and a shared workspace environment. With the weird shape and limits to stability this build is very open plan and not very difficult as the sleeper volumes were hard to fit in the weird dimensions. You can also try this one out early so I can see if the stability holds up. It's been stable so far with only one collapse. 


OneDrive Download




Little Italy

This one is more of a shopping plaza than a casino and is obviously based on the real world Venetian themed hotel in Vegas. I've tried my best to replicate the look and feel of the iconic canals and shop fronts with the Alpha 21 shapes and thrown in some little secrets to discover too. It's still pretty early progress on this build as I've wanted to get the facades to a level I'm happy with before I get into it any further and honestly started this one as break from the initial Voltralux Casino. 





Mainly inspired by DR2's Atlantica Casino, this will be a smaller scale two story POI, but I'm going overboard with the tacky Vegas theming on this one. Obviously nautical in nature, I've thrown in Tridents, a full pirate ship, fountains and the blue and white nautical colour scheme. This is the newest build so there isn't much to show for it yet as I'm still brainstorming the interior design and layout. 





Started work on a new build based on the Luxor, as good as the shapes are in A21, I didn't want to attempt an anatomically correct Sphinx... Going for an Egyptian Oasis theme on this one. 




Ostrich Reborn

Repurposed this incredible deco design of the Ostrich Hotel made by TFP, filling the empty rooms and adding textures and volumes, would have loved to see this added officially so I'm adding it unofficially. Old world blues style hotel that brings some glamour to the





This design was also part of the Deco Test file made by TFP which I've altered, textured and added volumes to. Need some smaller scale POIs to compliment the large casinos so I thought this would do nicely to add some variety in locations and location sizes. 




Mafia Museum

Began working on Mafia Museum, based on the museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement Mob Museum in Vegas.

Only got the facade done so far but another prefab for the medium prefab category.


Container Park

Modelled after the real world container park, this location will blend the plaza POI style with both a strip mall and outdoor concert space. Mostly consisting of shipping container parts, the prefabs will host stores and food locations, childrens park, outdoor concert with private band area.



Crash Site

Thinking about adding in some wilderness pois to be found in the desert as well, this is a rough idea and started off with a saucer crash site as Vegas is pretty close to Area 51... Making things circular is not really possible so i've tried my best to round this thing off, hopefully it reads as alien saucer clearly enough. 




Quick Cabs Depot



Started working on a taxi depot including office spaces, call centre and garage facility.


Lost Vegas Sign Early Concept

Trying to recreate the iconic sign in 7 Days isn't very easy without making it incredibly big, and as the Vegas sign is only actually 25 feet tall I didn't want to go that route, though I'm quite happy with it as it stands so far.






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On 7/6/2023 at 7:03 PM, Arma Rex said:

This is very interesting, with the similar Southwest setting 7 Days offers a full Vegas Strip could mesh well with the game.


Great Work!


Thankyou Arma, appreciate the kind words!

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