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I own the PS5 controller and Nintendo Switch Pro controller and I have been having not much luck getting them to work even with the native input on. I know some people would say mouse and keyboard master race but I like to be able to switch in between like taking a break time to time. I have tried few steps on google searching and tried gamepad apps for PlayStation which none really worked even tried to trick Microsoft that my Playstation controller is an Xbox controller as it didn't work as well. I hope i am in the right spot as I really need help on this please. I love 7 Days To die and if i can actual help on this I will be happy thanks

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I don't have a ps5 controller, so, not sure if this will help. :) And, you may already know this.

Controllers have up to four locations where their settings can be edited.


1: In the controllers native app.

2: In Windows settings

3: In Steam

4: In 7 Days to Die Settings


I'd go through all of these and make sure they are agreeing with each other.

Maybe someone with a ps5 controller will be kind enough to respond.

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I use a PS4 controller, and zero 3rd-party apps. Works just fine for me. I don't have enough incentive to blow good money on a new console, so probably won't have a PS5 to test with for a while.


I do use DS4Windows for controller support in non-Steam games. Must shut it off and ensure Steam has properly detected the controller first.

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I have tried DS4windows and DualSenseX as both can trick Windows that PS controller to an Xbox controller/PS4 controller. Which both have failed on my part. I will try to look into those settings you mention beelzybub. Question to Moderator would you think an PS4 controller or like a Logitech controller will fix this? So instead of my using the new gen controllers but use the old styles?

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