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  1. I posted the ticket on 7 days to die website. The controller is wireless with the Xbox adaptor for windows. What I mean by modern is I own the Xbox One controller I bought from EB Games that can use with those Xbox one and one s consoles I just use it for my PC. I don't have much hooked up as I have to use my main speakers and I my Thrustmaster T150 plugged in for my other games. I don't know why would cause anything though
  2. First thing I couldn't find a technical forum area and I do like keyboard and mouse. Just when I got back into play 7 Days To Die I founded out the game stop supporting my Xbox One Windows 10 controller. its the modern Xbox One version. The game has it enabled and the gamepad area it is on Xbox but at the same time it just won't work. I did also try to reach out to the support of the game by doing that ticket but so far no response from them. I am trying to see if these forums can help me out. I think it be awesome if I get my controller to work so I can do ether or. So if someone can help me
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