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I don't think you can set it up directly to do it (simply recycling it in your inventory), but you can setup a work around.


You can make a recipe that would take the item and create the subitems for it.


Using your example:


Setup a radio recipe so that in the workbench, it takes one radio and outputs the various items.


If you have multiple items, you can set it up to output a bundle to have all those components (so Radio recipe used in workbench creates a radio parts bundle, where in the items file once you open it up, you get chips, batteries, copper wires, diodes, etc).

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As BFT said, you can make a recipe that turns the radio into a radio parts bundle that you can open and get whatever scraps you want it to give. There is no way to just hit scrap on something and get multiple items. Not without some C# to make it happen at least. sphereii's SCore mod may have something like that with its AdvancedItemFeatures bit, but I've never messed with it so can't say for sure.

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55 minutes ago, Jessy said:

And in a recipe it is not possible to recover several items as if it was a grinder?


A grinder would be a workstation and would follow all the rules, so you would create a recipe that generates those parts after you "craft" it.  


so to further your example into actual code


<recipe name="RadioScrapBundle" count="1" craft_area="workbench" tags="workbenchCrafting">
    <ingredient name="radio" count="1"/>

<item name="RadioScrapBundle">
    <property name="Extends" value="noteTestersDelightAdmin"/>
    <property name="CreativeMode" value="Player"/>
    <property name="CustomIcon" value="bundleSolarBank"/>
    <property name="CustomIconTint" value="FFFFFF"/>
    <property name="ItemTypeIcon" value="bundle"/>
    <property name="DescriptionKey" value="questRewardElectricalPowerBundleDesc"/>
    <property class="Action0">
        <property name="Create_item" value="microchips,smallBatteries,resistors,copperWire"/>
        <property name="Create_item_count" value="2-3,1-2,3,10"/>


If a mod has a grinder workstation in it, my assumption is that it behaves like a workstation so it has recipes tied to it that creates items when you place them inside of it and interact with it.

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Yes I understand the principle, it will be like a bundle to open that we will make.
If no other way, it's probably what I will choose...

All the recipes require input of items to be made, would it not be possible to have an output of items?

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