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"The devs need to listen to people's requests"

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Umm... Is that really necessary?  Most computer games have key bindings.  Most of them are standard, but some are unique to the game.  Handholding isn't a requirement for games.  You should already know what key bindings are (that quote is from someone who knows and didn't want to look), so just check if you aren't sure.


If they add handholding, fine.  It doesn't really matter to me.  But it isn't necessary.  I see a variety of games with tutorials that tell you how to walk and it is just ridiculous because anyone who has played any game should know how to do such basic things.


You'll get further in life if you learn to figure things out on your own rather than have someone tell you how to do everything.

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Stuff like this is all refinement work at the very end before they release. I'm betting there is already a ticket for it but it just hasn't reached the priority level yet to make into anyone's queue. But making sure the tutorial quest is refined, polished, and easy for the newbiest of players is certainly something that will be high priority before they release to gold.


If you ask me the button presses to be shown should be TAB, Click on the Exclamation Mark Quest Icon, Click on the Quest Cancelation Icon and skip the whole tutorial quest and start the apocalypse with zero skill points, no idea in which direction the trader/city is, and complete freedom to do what you want from the beginning.


But TFP isn't listening to me, dammit.

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