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I need some help finding a couple of blocks that fit...

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I am in the process of trying to build  a replica of the Washington Monument... Yeah, ambitious, I know.  It actually is looking pretty good, but there is an issue I have run into.  WashMon015.thumb.jpg.5a7293bce89ecebc6791a1d04c2e10fd.jpg


The pics are pretty self-explanatory, but still I will try to give details of the issue.  The monument is not strictly vertical, it does narrow the taller it goes.  So I used the narrow wedges aligned vertically to create layers.  The problem is filling the gaps at the corners of the monument where the .25 cube layers meet, and where the 3/4 cubes meet.

A pole is to narrow for .25 cube layers, and the 1/4 cube, while perfect for the 1/2 cube layers, is way to small for the 3/4 cube layers.

Any ideas? Fill_Piece.jpg.701d19443a61b6acabeff46c528e7477.jpg


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Hi @Evil_Geoff, it'd be difficult to give you options without being able to try them out first. Often when I'm building POIs I'll have to page through blocks repeatedly, plug variations in and out, and sometimes tear whole sections down and rebuild with different blocks to see what fits. It might be easier to help figure out suggestions if you could share the unfinished version with the prefabbers here.


The only thing I might suggest without being able to try it myself is using sheets, plates, tips or filler blocks somehow to make the space look solid. It doesn't necessary have to be solid if it looks solid. The problem with tips or fillers may be the rotations. For example, the half wedge tip might make the 1/3 blocks look like a corner but they don't rotate to the correct 45 degree angle.

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I'm not going to drop the whole monument on someone else to figure out, but here is a quick and dirty illustration of the construction.

Ground/first layer - Full cube blocks
Second layer - Wedge Narrow High (oriented vertically).
Third layer - Cube 3/4
Fourth layer - Wedge Narrow Middle
Fifth layer - Cube 1/2
Sixth layer - Wedge Narrow Low
Seventh Layer - Cube .25m
Eighth Layer - Wedge Narrow Tip


The Wedge Narrow Corner pieces work splendidly.


The full cube obviously fits the full cube corner layer, and the Cube 1/4 fills the Cube 1/2 corner.

But I can't find anything that works for the Cube 3/4 or the Cube .25m corners.


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OCD be damned!  If I keep waiting for a perfect fit, I'll not finish this at all.

At least for now, I'll use poles for the .25m x .25m corners and I'm using the 1/4 cube centered on the 3/4 cube x 3/4 cube corners because the corners align.  It leaves a small gap between the 3/4 cube and the 1/4 cube but, from a distance, it isn't stupidly bad.



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