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Item Quality Degradation


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This mod adds item degradation to guns, melee weapons, tools and armor. Each time an item is repaired it has a 50% chance to degrade by one level. Mod slots will also downgrade accordingly, any mods that no longer have space will be added to the players backpack or dropped on the ground if the inventory is full.


Showcase Video




Installation Notes
Note: This mod needs to be installed on both client and server for multiplayer. EAC MUST BE OFF!


If you need help with a mod, you can open an issue here: https://github.com/Zilox135/A21Modlets/issues


Modding Info
Modder's can also use this mod to add item degradation to their own mods, as follows.


How many quality levels the item degreades by on repair
<property name="RepairDegradeAmount" value="1"/>


The probability that the item will lose a quality level/levels on repair.
<property name="RepairDegradeChance" value="0.5"/>


Will the item break after its repaired at quality 1.
<property name="RepairQualityOneBreaksAfter" value="false"/>


Set the minimum degrade amount for items with this cvar.
<triggered_effect trigger="onPerkLevelChanged" action="ModifyCVar" cvar="minDegradeAmount" operation="set" value="4">


onSelfItemRepaired has been hooked up and can be used to trigger game events and triggered effects.
<triggered_effect trigger="onSelfItemRepaired" action="AddBuff" buff="someBuffName"/>



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