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A12 Map seeds

Mike c

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Seeds name Shriveled


Found a nice plains area with hills several water holes nearby and 3 caves close together. One cave opens right next to a ranger station. Poppin pills and gas station just down the road.



Co-ords are 2167S 2044W

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I created a test world called hghg and it actually spawned me in a decent area. I ended up near a forge cabin with several other cabins and camp sites nearby, and down the road I found a desert town with a huge Born and Noble right next to a grocery store. I also found two cave entrances down the road in the opposite direction. I'm only a few days in so I haven't explored much further than that.

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Seed: Gruncheon


I spawned northwest of the hub city, so I've only explored in that direction.


There's a small hub city at 0,0, and there's another small city at 1300 N, 600 W.

At 700 N, 1100 W there's a Shotgun Messiah and a Working Stiffs tools. Just east of there are some holes with iron and lead.

At 800 N, 2200 W, there's a nice big town with a lot of gun safes.

At 1400N, 1800 W, there's a smallish town with a few holes containing all types of ores. Be careful - they are inside the town. I was running from a zombie and fell right into one. I came out with a broken leg and a backpack full of ore.





(Clarification: All coordinates on the map are north and west)

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Seed : GohattoDisco (double t)

1677N 388W , Town , this and below is so close definitely worth

2108N 200E , Town , this and above is so close

2929N 757E , Small Town

904N 3777E , Town

1455N 4256E , 4x8 City (hornets , cops, dogs , cars) this and below is close, definitely worth the travel, just follow the road north west road

2519N 3143E , 4x8 City Close from above just follow the south east road



906N 739W, Library

1991N 2632E Pop N Pills & Library

1146E 569S Working stiff? and building with gas barrel



2766N 400E Search around for another cave

686S 567E there is caves scattered around here too

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RioBravo is pretty good - I am holed up in a cave at 2074 S 390 E with lots of ore (iron, lead, potassium, coal). I just found 4 more caves close to a cabin with a forge at 2815 S 1688 E, I have explored 3 of them - LOTS of ore here. I found a military camp at 1099 S 65 E. I have mainly found forest areas so far. Then the seed my husband and I play on is called CrunchyTacos - have not found any ore yet, but there are a lot of the wasteland cities on this one. (This one is mostly desert so far) I have no idea how to link a screen shot - I posted this shot on steam, it is in one of the caves close to the cabin on RioBravo. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/447330725932497169/6BF9BDBCFE9F12601B656C98E1039F7124EF6A22/

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Did it take the rest of you several tries to find a decent seed? My first try had no towns, my next had no water sources. Waffle as a seed is nothing but a giant desert.



*Edit: I feel dumb. I somehow kicked the map option over to Nav without noticing. No wonder it looked nice.

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Finally, using Neverendinghorde delivered a map with good biome diversity, multiple towns with stores and even two cities near the center.


I started using cheat to fly over maps after the first seeds went so wrong. I must have gone through 15 seeds looking for one that matched my criteria of having towns, cities and multiple biomes. Most seeds I tried were either missing something or were endless deserts. Some of them were just broken with huge verticals walls where POIs began.


Way too much desert.

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Have a new map seed name for you all to enjoy.

-------> DarkNightsComing <------- case sensitive.

Loving the landscape, POI's (even though they'll be random, there are so many you should have a lot of fun), mountain ranges with surface ore and underground ore.

Shotgun Messiah and Working Stiff Tools at the top of one of the biggest mountains I've seen yet. They both are sitting in the corner of a nice sized town.


Image included shows a tiny zombie on the side of the mountain. ;0)





a 1920 x 1040 image link is here for better viewing.


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