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  1. I agree with this, and your explanation is way more well put than mine so kudos on that. lol It's a back and forth for sure. You always want some of the new stuff, with some things going back the old way. I agree with you on A15 with the learning by doing mechanic, that goes much more smooth than A14.
  2. I've played since A8. There are some great features in all the newer alphas, QoL is greatly improved. Some really great things have been added. So I'm not slamming the current version in anyway. However, for me personally, the last Alpha that I really put a lot of time in was A14. It had the minibike, and skills. I just havent personally been a fan of farming changes, all the mod parts. I mean, they add cool options, but I find my inventory is always full of looting all these parts, then I have to try and find out what they are for. IDK, just little things. I realize not everyone will agree of course. But I'm curious, any of you have a favorite past build? Do you still play it? I have both A14 and the current builds I switch between.
  3. I asked this a long time ago. I did a search and nothing came up, I was wondering if anyone found a way to do it yet. The sounds of the crickets really annoys me and especially my wife, which you know , wife aggro is never good. Does anyone know a way to remove it? I dont mind if it kills some other ambient sounds with it, but I just really want those out of there. Thanks
  4. Thank you for posting this. This should help a lot. tbh i'm terrible at modding and codes, but, I got annoyed with having to edit the xml after updates to get my glass jars back after cooking with them. *cant nobody do the dishes* so once we get it and i can figure this out, it is going to save me so much time and frustration. appreciate ya!
  5. I dont have the link anymore, but i saw a few request for workshop support. I thought mm even said it was coming, but i'm not sure. This would be a god send for getting mods working with updates.
  6. Not sure how I never thought of this lol... you guys all amaze me often with things i never thought of... not to side track your thread, but is there any known radius for bedrolls?
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