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  1. Fixed my dedi server issue with a clean install, yayy!
  2. Are there any "gotchas" to running the Dedi server in A19? Mine doesn't seem to pop up even the console like it used to, and as far as I can tell isn't running. It does the initial command box, then once you hit space and it closes... nothing.
  3. My 7 days to die Server is bombing out during startup.
  4. For the life of me, I can't seem to get a Tier 6 Steel Pickaxe. I'm level 168 and have most of the Str tree maxxed. I've looted more than 120 reinforced chests at the end of the Tier 5 zones, but they seem to have the same junk over and over. I've never seen them on the trader, either.... I also have max bonus to loot and the max rewards from quests skill, also. Any suggestions? O.o
  5. Hey, is there an estimate on when that forge bug for +30k will be fixed? It's such a pain to deal with.
  6. My two cents: First off, hats off to the devs and testers for A18. This is challenging again, although my crew's limited play time means we haven't hit our first horde yet. I really enjoy that traders are a lot less ridiculous to find in RWG, you just use common sense to find them. I'm doing a str build with a little Sta, and teammates are doing other trees, so we have a good distro of loot. My only issue is duct tape being used so much compared to the rate at which it drops/and bones drop. The weird hills that disappear as you get closer is somewhat annoying, but doesn't seem to hurt gameplay, so I'm sure it will be fixed in time. But again, pretty happy with A18.
  7. On a 40 inch monitor, your forum picture stares into my soul, Faatal, lol. P.S. Hi Guppy! O.o
  8. I was going to make a corn joke, but I didn't want to be a stalker.
  9. My first game was in Alpha 7. I got all of my friends to play with me after watching Seananners do a YouTube video on it, lol. The first time I spawned in, I spawned in Navezgane in the far eastern part of the map in the Snow biome. I ran down to right where the forest biome started, and built my first shack base there. My friends converged on the same point, and the five of us built a ridiculous concrete keep with a wood fort around it. I didn't die that game. My first death was in one of the Alpha 8 versions, I spawned in the burnt biome I think and got dogs on me almost immediately, lol. The irony is not lost on me. This was before there was a safe zone, you had to craft your stone axe on the freaking run lol.
  10. That divot has been around since hills stopped being blocky messes. You might be able to introduce something into the RWG algorithm, but it would still be there in anything player made, and I doubt it was a priority for A18.
  11. I think they are talking about the farming thingy, but I still have too many infractions from that time I was framed for murder by Rahx, so pretend I didn't mention farming.
  12. Wait, cats are meaner than dogs? Is there no justice??!?
  13. @Madmole, did it make it into the trader in A18 to be able to buy purely aethetic items like refrigerators, microwaves, coffee pots, etc? I'm hoping because I like to run my server completely unmodded. *fingers crossed*
  14. If you ever get to the point where you want to just do new locations and polish a lug nut with the same core game, I would absolutely love to see a 7 Days to Die sequel set on a failed Mars colony with a zombie outbreak and Oxygen issues, etc. I'd contribute to that Kickstarter... O.o 7 Days to Die: Dread Planet?
  15. Hey MadMole - Are you going to post videos of your Perception Build guy fighting a blood moon horde? I'm kind of curious to see how it stacks up compared to the tank build...
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