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  1. Fixed my dedi server issue with a clean install, yayy!
  2. Are there any "gotchas" to running the Dedi server in A19? Mine doesn't seem to pop up even the console like it used to, and as far as I can tell isn't running. It does the initial command box, then once you hit space and it closes... nothing.
  3. My 7 days to die Server is bombing out during startup.
  4. I would like to just point out at this time that I'm really sorry I broke the Slaanhatten Bridge... --- Fake Signature Line that's really just a cheap plug for my YouTube Channel
  5. That CDC research center (the one based on the Cobb Performing Arts Center) would be a pretty daunting task. Post Modernism is not exactly Voxel-friendly. But if you are crazy enough to tackle it, let me know, Laz, and I'd be happy to offer some advice. One advantage of that building is you can actually wander around in the lobby and around the building on Google Streetview. --- Fake Signature Line that's really just a cheap plug for my YouTube Channel
  6. Getting really close on finishing the Arena. I'm hoping to convert it this weekend. If there's time, I might upgrade it and 1.5 would have a huge parking lot, but it takes time to do a mass clear. I put this building together as a pristine / not destroyed world, so you won't find things like piles of trash, dead bodies, etc. But if there's an interest, I could make a version where the building served as a field hospital and was partially boarded up before being abandoned. Shoot me a private message if there's some specific place to send the file when It's ready, though, Mag.
  7. Yeah, what I mean is... would you guys potentially be interested in my stadium for your Combo Pack? Right now I'm putting the finishing touches on it, depending on how much time I get this weekend, it could be ready for prime time shortly. It is a monster of a POI, though. It has everything from a warehouse to a security office, around a dozen bathrooms, a locker room, snack bars, radio booths, a television studio, sky boxes, a restaurant, a sports bar... (it's kind of big)
  8. I know you've mentioned this before, Mag, but what's the largest non-specialty hub POI size? I have several large skyscrapers, one is somewhere in the 50x70 range, and the other is 55 x 55, but I have maybe a dozen skyscrapers and, of course, the stadium in various levels of production.
  9. You can port in huge prefabs into an existing game with Hal's editor, and it will literally overwrite the area. It takes some practice, but one of my larger skyscrapers in Dogtown I started building in A10, ported into A11 as a prefab, and then again in A12.
  10. From what I understand, one of the biggest impediments to vehicles has been the game engine itself. You can see what I mean by flying around in creative or debug mode-- the engine struggles to keep up with you (even on a high-end machine). The likely performance boost in Unity 5 will go a long way to solving that particular issue.
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