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  1. Hi All, I want to start by saying. I've seen some incredibly entitled people on this thread that are actually complaining about this mod and I'm furious about it. The amount of work that went into this is unbelievable. The way it makes the game so much better is awesome to me. I have 1800 hours in this game and Jax and team have managed to make this game fun and so much harder again for me I LOVE the difficulty , I LOVE it. Let me offer some advice to you whiners, go play a different mod. By what right do you complain about something that cost you absolutely nothing and no one forced you to install. The nerve you show actually writing your thoughts down here just blows my mind. Your parents are probably really ashamed, if not they should be. Now with that said, I do have a question. I have two pigs in my inventory, one male and one female. I want to make a piglet but I can't for the life of me find the table I use for that. Anyone? Also Jax, I'd like to offer my help if you need it. I'm an Executive Assistant so I have a lot of experience with documentation if you ever need any help typing something up and I can be of assistance, please PM me. I'd be happy to help! Thank you so much for all YOUR work. It's truly a great game with your updates.
  2. My very first chicken was a male. I can't figure out what table to use to combine the pigs for a piglet though. Anybody?
  3. I'm running a Darkness Falls Server PVE if anyone is looking for one. Great map. 90 block landmarks, 17.1 Server . Come join us. Called Tahoenvy Friends
  4. Wookie maybe you can answer this. I can't seem to find a server that works for me. If I'm running RH vanilla I would have to find a server running RH vanilla correct? Or can I log onto one using 2k or 4k? I've only found one server so far that allowed me to get to downloading map and it got a ton of errors and was literally at 15 minutes loading map when I gave up. The rest are just looking up at waiting for server...
  5. You can edit that in the Serverconfig.xml if you are playing 17.2
  6. I can't find a read me and this seems to be your install advice Do I overwrite all the folders in the 7 days to die folder with yours, or do I ADD your files to the original folders? I can't seem to make it work. I've installed Darkness and I've run my own server for years but this mod doesn't want to work for me. I am hoping to just load this client side and play on someone elses server for awhile. Is it still only working with 17.1 or is your new 5.02 for 17.2? Cause when I load 17.2 I can't find any servers. HELP PLEASE I really want to try the mod. Also I tried to fill out an application for your server but your forums are down.
  7. I have found at least 8 welding torches, it's not that rare. . As for the skill notes you can salvage schematics and books and I've been able to make two class books so far and have only been playing about 10 days I guess.
  8. Hi Khaine, You know I'm a fan so please don't take this as a complaint. I just want to mention that we seem to be having a lot of issues with blocks turned around on the Magoli Compo Prefab packs,) I didn't load it separately I loaded your Mod clean). Its not usually a huge issue except quite often it's the book cases and we all know how important books are in your Mod. Thanks for all your work!
  9. The 17.2 RWG just sucks ass. I have tried 8 different seeds and they all spawn only 1-3 cities and the buildings in the cities are all damaged and quite a few are buried. The buildings are far apart and there's very little water. I'm going to take everything (dedicated server) back to 17.1 and start over with that. 17.1 was a dream as far as the RWG compared to this. This is not a criticism of Darknessfalls which I LOVE, it's the devs that keep screwing up the RWG. When will they ever get that right. /cry Khaine can you give me a link to download the 17.1 version again if possible? Thank you
  10. I actually like the Wasteland, it reminds me of the old hub days. You did NOT want to go there because it was seriously dangerous. So started my players in Forest and desert and now we are slowly moving into the wastelands. I do think the RWG makes too much of it but RWG has been fu**ed up since forever.
  11. It's random. Keep looking. I found one. This is not the place to whine about not finding loot
  12. I have to tell you that I LOVE this mod. I have been playing 7days2die since Version 9 I believe and you brought back everything that was good in the game that they have since gotten rid of. You have also combined some things from Valmods (which is also an excellent old mod) and than other original items together in a way that makes this game GREAT again and I thank you!! I was about to shut down my server again out of boredom but you have brought the excitement back again. I get a bit of whining from one of my players on how it's so hard but the rest of them love it and I really did want to thank you for such an amazing job!!
  13. Hi there, one more questions. I have a behemouth camping a player. He logs back in and the behemouth kills him. It's day 1 and my players have died a LOT due to ferals and behemouths. Can I turn down the amount of those spawning? I turned down the amount of zombies to 20 and there are still a LOT
  14. I'm sure this question is somewhere in the 124 pages of this thread but the search engine here sucks so please bear with me. I just loaded your mod and it seems to be functioning fine so far. I am unable to use my server manager now though because Allocs maps has been wiped out. Am I able to put that back in the mods folder? I didn't want to take the chance of having any conflicts so I started with a fresh set of folders.
  15. Not at ALL Stallionsden. I wrote the initial post and please go back and read it. I raved about your work I think it's some of the best. I was just wondering if the loot could be turned down. I absolutely was not saying anything bad about you.
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