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  1. same here they dont shoof or do anything
  2. Really love this one, 187 SLOT BACKPACK, its not to big and not to small, thanks for this
  3. By any chance does the A18 20k stack work in 17.4? Also keep up the good work on the mods you, just awesome!
  4. with latest update the special weapons mod, the mod is not working.
  5. is there a way you put all the mods in a one dl pack?
  6. wow, just friggin awesome, can hardly wait for this mods release. Keep up the good work Sub!!!
  7. Thanks for your work on this mod, its awesome. Keep up the good work. not sure if anyone has reported this the silencer of your colored pistol and smg are showing incorrectly.
  8. Its looking totally awesome!!! keep up the good work.
  9. No your not luckie, that is the way it works as you described.
  10. Seal77

    Ravenhearst Mod

    I like playing nomad mode, no base building, just traveling from town to town, and fighting hoard in the middle of the street on the hyways Awesome mod keep it up Jax
  11. Seal77

    Ravenhearst Mod

    Originally Posted by Seal77 Agreed, the way it is in this mod, it should work like any tool. Jax Nope. Lockpicks are basically a cheat tool, as they are in real life. You can use the stone axe or pick and break in the hard way, wait until you skill up Iron Tools, or use a pick that you find in loot in the world. Gun parts are supposed to be harder to acquire so the lockpick falls in line with that. And yes it may be hard to make at first, but so should getting into a safe. When you have a forge and can make hundreds of forged iron you can make hundreds of lockpicks. Ok got it. Love the mod, keep it up.
  12. Seal77

    Ravenhearst Mod

    Agreed, the way it is in this mod, it should work like any tool.
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