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  1. quest Basic survival 13/13. Make a lock pick and lock pick kit and upgrade a house front door. Misleading and i dont understand how a lock pick or a lock pick kit will upgrade a door. Went to every house in town none of the picks work on any door. Too little information to work with.
  2. im fed up with the launcher 30 mins to refresh mods everytime i try to play. So im downloading the files directly
  3. so what is the point of the launcher then? Sounds like everyone here doesnt trust it and installs sep copy's of 7daystodie for each mod.
  4. i personally love this mod and play it myself but friends play reg 7daystodi and downloaded mod launcher to try out the mod then want to jump back and forth between servers, vanilla then ravenhearst. They having problems once they try the mod then go back to vanilla and get errors. Sadly they took launcher out and now stay on vanilla server. Finding people to play on server is tough. Few want to have 2 full 7daystodie games installed on their pc
  5. I just got a rented server from bluefang up and running <Ravenhearst Dark Delight> I hope it is easy to update the server once this update comes out.
  6. 15 mins and items still loading i think ill roll back to 16.3 and use 516
  7. Im loving this mod. Does anyone know how to make the hud marker either bolder or change its color? If the target area is same color as marker i lose it in the white out. Drives me crazy specially when using bows and crossbows. I miss alot anyways and the crosshairs disappearing make s it alot worse. Later that day........ Its ok i found [MOD] Colored Crosshairs in mods section so im good to go
  8. Ill add the change when i get a chance to try it out Maybe good idea to compare all the bandit weapons and bullets and see if they all match and line up with all the NPC's
  9. entity_class name="npcTravelingTraderHugh" extends="npcTravelingTraderTemplate"> <property name="Archetype" value="TraderHugh"/> <property name="AIPackages" value="Human Basic, Human Ranged"/> <property name="ItemsOnEnterGame.GameModeSurvivalSP" value="gunMP5Bandit,9mmBulletBandit" /> <property name="ItemsOnEnterGame.GameModeSurvivalMP" value="gunMP5Bandit,9mmBulletBandit" /> <property name="NPCID" value="travelingtraderric"/> </entity_class> edited out the 10mm and changed to 9mm
  10. post deleted got dl working Time to renew mp server i decided to let it go. Takes far too long uploading modpacks every time theres a release. The prefab pack alone takes an hour. But for SP this is very nice
  11. Ive got it running on a server hosted by %%%%%%% (wont give them free advertising) and it runs not too bad. Simply you just upload the mod files via the FTP interface and let them overwrite the game files and start your game. Id advise waiting till final version of the mod is out because uploading via FTP takes quite a bit of time if you have to upload whole mod over and over. I noticed some lag with the mod with opening windows and such, gets worse if you have 1 or more forges running and cooking on the fire same time. Dragging and dropping ingredients to and from forges is tricky because of the lag but overall its not too bad. I just stop the forge when im trying to add or remove materials then turn it back on when im done. I tweaked the server mod a bit. I like tougher zombies and more danger I added all the boss zombies to the random world spawn so they are everywhere. Added soldiers and prison guards as well. Because of their body armor they are alot tougher to kill Added the radiated cops to world spawns Its a fun mod , It definitely not boring lol Had zombies set to always run but new people were getting slaughtered so set it back to default
  12. Very nice, the bandits make it much more interesting and the survivors make the game world a little less empty. I also like to spawn 2-3 survivors in my base for guard dogs and companions. They help if the wall is breached i can snipe from above while they take the zeds on hand to hand. its alot of fun to watch.
  13. So only recipe and loot xmls have changed? Uploading whole mod takes forever to server. If so can i just upload those 2 xmls?
  14. Uploaded files to server now . I was waiting until game was more stable and it seems now it is. Everyone who joins must have the mod already installe dis that correct? I may have to whitelist the server if thats the case to prevent server jumpers without the mod installed.
  15. Oil pump question above. Workstation? Mine says needs to be created at work station
  16. I dont play the experimentals either but i could see someone having update to latest experimental and having it overwrite the mod. Could cause big problems Are the boss zombies and npcs active yet?
  17. For those terrain problems a few posts above.... There was also a hotfix this week for the game. The file was small and might not have been noticed. Perhaps there was a glitch with one of the files and it overwrit the mods files.. Did you completely delete the 7days folder and do a reinstall before you added the mod?
  18. Anyone using this mod dont spawn a surviver. Turrets and sensors go haywire and the error messages make the game unplayable.
  19. i am excited about the npcs as well, they make the game less lonely having them around. A16E NPC Survivor and Bandit MOD took a stab at adding them in but only got updated to 16.1 Perhaps theres some code in there that could help getting your walker version going when you get the time. Is there any plans to add the behemoth to your mod down the road? I spawned one in the experimental to see what hes like and hes very terrifying. I was dead so quick
  20. What i loved about your A15 stable version was the boss type zombies and the npcs. Id just go out hunting those types for guns and loots and i had a blast because the npcs could shoot back making it alot more dangerous. Rocket launcher toting npcs scared crap outa me lol. The current A16 vanilla is so boring and empty. Even if you could just release a Lite version with working npcs for now would be awesome.
  21. i tried it on dirt and i can cast on land . it puts a rebar frame in the ground that destroys the dirt block and you loot your fish. For now im just pretending theres a pond outside my fort and catching alot of mudfish
  22. Ive had no issues at all with latest pack. If 7days isnt working out i guess theres always hillbilly handfishing.
  23. we gave up trying to use the 13.6 pack it gets to Starting and hangs, we can hear birds chirping but cant connect.
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