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Falling through map (server)


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I'm playing on my friends server but I keep falling through the map anytime I try to explore past where I spawn. Fiends server is in AmericaEast I'm in EU with a ping between 60 - 65 if that helps. I read it could be corrupt player data so we deleted all my player data but still happening.

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Hello, yes I know that maybe what I wrote only makes sense to me when I read it 😛 in my head it reads as "I did try to post to pastebin the output log but it exceeds the paste limit" I just shortened it. Pastebin's limit is 512kb but the output log is closer to 5mb due to the 1000's of lines of -


2022-09-26T00:33:18 804.322 WRN 31003+3 Origin player ray fail (-56.6, -2.5, 1.1)
2022-09-26T00:33:18 804.322 INF 31003+3 Origin Reposition (288.0, -208.0, 720.0) to (304.0, -208.0, 720.0)


Because I waited to see if the server would teleport back to the surface but sadly no just forever freefall.

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