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Just some thoughts about the apocalypse


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I've been playing this game for quite a long time, not saying I'm an expert at it, but I still have some suggestions for 7D2D  :0

●When you get liquid, like a jar of water or murky water, it feels weird to me that you can boil it and it'll be totally safe to drink. When you get a jar of murky water from a toilet, will it be fine to drink it after it is boiled? I think it should be labeled as "A bottle of unknown liquid". You shall pay more points in Intellect to figure out what kind of liquid it is, is it drinkable or not? After the liquid gets clarified, it becomes a random thing, for example, a jar of water, a jar of toxic liquid... Or simply just you can't find a jar of murky water in toilets.

●The infection. I play this game always at the highest difficulty. I think it's called Nomad? [Sorry, I don't use English language in game or IRL.] Even in the most difficult situation in a zombie apocalypse world, the infection should be more deadly, don't you think? Because when I get infected, I'm not that worried about it. It's like a simple flu, I'm carrying on like nothing. I can cure it whenever I want to, since a jar of honey is not that hard to get, and if one jar is not enough, then I'll take two. It really is not that big of a deal. Btw, I've never been in a later stage of infection, so I don't know if there's any kind of debuffs you would get in that period of time. I think Infection should be divided into phases, if you're not wearing any armor, a punch or a scratch or a bite has a higher chance to make you infected. Let's say, there's 3 phases for infection: Mild, Moderate and Severe. And the actual percentage of infection shows on the screen needs to be hidden from players. When I get bit by a dog without any thing on me, it's mostly a Moderate harm. And on my way to a trader to see if they sell any medicals that help, I get attacked by a vulture, then Moderate turns into Severe cause your body is uncovered. No armor means any hits from zombies are lethal. When you're in any phase of infection, you shall get corresponding debuffs, like fever, lack of strenth, emesis, etc.

●Mods. I know there's been a lot of them, but I still think more shoud be added in this game. Somewhat version of this game, minibike does great damage to zombies (and bears?). It's like a one-shot, sorry, one-strike kill to zombies, I remember this distinctly. And I think it is fair cause the character is driving a four-wheel weapon which is prolly over one ton. But clearly it's not happening in this version of game. I think it is because of the balance which is reasonable. But I can't kill a zombie when I'm fully charged at it in one go even multiple goes. The model of the 4x4 Truck has spikes in the front of it, but apparently it's for decoration, I don't think the spikes do more damage to enemies. With that being said, I think a mod for vehicles doing more damage to enemies is required. Maybe not that op to just one-hit annihilate things in the way, how about more chance of dismembering or decrease entities' moving speed or something?

Since we have night vision in game, why not thermal imaging? Is this kind of stuff so "ADVANCED" that should not exist in an apocalypse world? I don't know.. Cause the first time I got the night vision goggles, I think it's alpha 15 or 16? I honestly thought: Wow, I'm gonna see through every thing in the darkness. But I was stupid obviously, it said Night Vision in its name. So I was thinking, if there's any chance that thermal imaging would be a thing in this game.. [Do zombies have body temp???]

Another thing I want to talk about is Spear. So this "melee" weapon has a great distance advantage in fighting, you can hit things from a farther distance, no other melee weapons have such advantage. However, I never use spear as my melee weapon. First of all, Knives and Machetes can cause enemies bleeding, Clubs and Bats can stun enemies, Batons electrify, Knuckles punch off zombies' teeth, but for spears, you just throw them, that's interesting tho, however, it sometimes is not that useful. You need to be precise to a target. When you miss, you either switch to another spear you bring with you, or move around to try fetching it, or you just abandon it. This has happened to me several times, I'm not bad at aiming, but at the same time, I'm not that good at it. You don't want to lose your weapon when fighting, especially with ferals and such fast moving targets. So it's never a good idea to try throwing instead of poking, cause you have to pick it up after missing. Feels like it's a throwable arrow/bolt sometimes. So this comes to my mind: Maybe add a mod that helps you get back the spear on surfaces. I'm thinking of a rope-like thing which wraps around your body attaching to a spear. So if I muffed the throw, I can immediately pull back my spear and maybe try throwing it again since I don't need to go to the specific spot where it lands to pick it up. [I don't know if there's an English word for its name.] Also, I think it still needs to be beefed up. Just like the game demonstrates: sharp weapon gives bleeding, blunt weapon stuns enemies, baton electrifies and knuckles remove possibilities getting bit, and... spear? So sledgehammer can stun enemies, it can still cause AOE shock. I'm assuming it has two powerful effects is the result of it's being both a blunt weapon and a two-handed weapon. For spear, I consider it to be both a sharp weapon and a two-handed weapon, it needs some powerful effects. So what about piercing or pinning or both? If zombies lined up, a thrown spear went through the first one and got another one that's behind. Maybe three zombies at most? When a zombie got speared, it stayed pinned for let's say 5s before you grabbed your spear.          There's a scenario where you throw the spear from a high place, for example, the POI with a tower crane in it. What would happen if the spear was thrown off the building? Maybe the character got drifted to the direction a little bit or the rope broke off. Either way, I think beefing up Spear is the priority.



That's some thoughts about current game. I really like this sandbox survival game. [Sadly my save was ruined about two weeks ago. A sudden power cut occurred while I was in the middle of game. Afterwards I found the file still there, but somehow the game could not access the save, it's not shown on the menu but the file's still okay I guess. I don't know what's the deal and maybe it's time to start a new one]

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Regarding boiling water: It is an abstraction of making water safe to drink. The devs don’t intend for this aspect of the game to be a simulation. The water in the toilet comes from the tank and not the bowl. It is most likely to be water rather than some other kind of disgusting fluid no one should drink boiled or not. I think a more detailed complex system for getting drinkable water could probably be done with a mod. 

Critical injuries including infection seem to be a touchy subject. Make them have tougher penalties and harder to remedy and people get mad and quit playing. Make them too easy and people get mad about labels like “hardcore survival” in the game’s description. :)

I think the answer here is modding again to tweak the critical injuries whichever direction you want to go like reduce the drop chance of honey or make it cure less of a % of the infection so you would need five honey to stamp it out. 

More mods….yes, please. Why not learn how and join the ranks of creators to get more mods. There are tutorials and the easiest modding doesn’t require programming knowledge. You can accomplish a lot of changes just by editing values in the xmls. 

The spear is getting some love for A21. 

Nomad is default +1

Warrior is default +2

Survivalist is default +3

Insane is default +4


But those simply make the zombies harder to kill. Changing loot to 50% or even 25% will make the game more difficult. The setting “Delete all on death” makes dying a bigger deal and can set you back. Then there are limits you can self-impose for the sake of challenge like only do one quest per day or even, don’t use the trader at all.


There is a solution for what you describe but I can’t remember the details. It involves making a new game using the same name and same map and then transferring some files from the original to the new. If you post in the support forum someone should be able to help. 

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You can't always cure disease when you feel like it. I play the game where I almost died from it. Finally found an antibiotic when my infection was in the high 90s. I cut down a hole forest and still couldn't find any honey. I rated drugstores and couldn't find any antibiotics. 


Once you get established and you have antibiotics and honey squirrel away, yeah getting disease is not that big a deal. Usually

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