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The mod doesnt work for me


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Hello, im trying to install the darkness fall mode and doesnt work for me


the situation is this:

1) i do the EXACT SAME LITTLE THING that the video of "manually installing darkness mod" says, like EVERYTHING

2) create a map wich is a provided map with the "DF" initials

3) in the loading screen, more precisesly in the title after "inizialiting the world" "creating the player" or something like that, idk the translation of spanish to english, now im even struggling writting this because english is not my country idiom

the console opens with a font red letters and a text

"Null Reference Exception: Object reference not set to an instance of an object"


EDIT im using 4.03A darkness falls version and Alpha 20.5 stable on 7d2d on steam


here are some pictures





any help? i really want to play this mod and im from 13:00 pm to this moment @%$#ing off, screaming, and 1 cm away to punch the F out of my monitor because the mod doesnt work and im doing EVERYTHING PERFECTLY

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9 hours ago, Alter94 said:

Hello, im trying to install the darkness fall mode and doesnt work for me

The Darkness Fall Discord is very active and more likely to be able to help you with this.

I suggest you join and ask questions there.

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