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Coming from ps4 to PC


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I'm trying to get my friend to come play on PC with me after much disappointment in the PS version due to some seemingly unfixable connection error. We were having a blast surviving for a bit, getting the hang of it, and duping a ton and having fun with all the stuff. It was a purely coop pve multiplayer server that I hosted so no harm no foul on the duping as far as I'm concerned, my friend loves it and so did I. Anyway, long story long, I just started a dedicated server with steam and am wondering if any tampering with the settings after starting the game will ruin the save? I'd like to get us back up to speed, gear wise, so he/we don't feel like were losing everything on the change of format.



Will changing settings mid game on dedicated server screw our server up? How can I get some extra loot in the beginning to bate my friend into giving it a go again?

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Depending on what settings things should be fine. the one thing I have noticed that could muckup things is playing with time settings.

Also a golden rule with changing settings is to backup your save so you can place it back in case you make a mistake with editing even if you have to reinstall.


If its just about the gear you could add it through the creative menu.

You might need to refresh it a couple of times by open/ close to get the level you want.

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1 hour ago, chimkennugg said:

How can I get some extra loot in the beginning to bate my friend into giving it a go again?


Take it from a master bater, it's easy to stuff a chest with some loot for him and you can even Pop-Tart him with some free XP. Open the console (F1) and type 'cm' to enable the creative mode and click the lightbulb icon on the inventory screen. Every possible thing is available - find what you want and stuff it into his gift chest.


If you want to Pop-Tart levels, you'll have to give him access to the 'giveselfxp' command; I don't think there's a way to give another player XP directly. That requires a change to serveradmin.xml, but that won't break the save. You of course can award yourself XP too if you want to kick-start your levels.


None of the setting changes you can make in the normal menus will break the game.

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