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Dissconecting from the server


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Good evening guys. I have huge issue with the game and I hope someone will give me good advice how to solve the problem. When friend of mine makes a server and I try to log in on it the game trow them out automatically after a few second after. I try all solution which i thought that can be, from uninstalling/ reinstalling the game, and the issue remain the same. Appreciate anyone whos willing to help and give a good advice. Stay safe 

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3 hours ago, Egzor1989 said:

how to solve the problem

First, both of you should add an exclusion for the game and save folders in your antivirus.

Game folder is generally here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die

Save folder is generally here: %appdata%/7DaysToDie/


If you can't find them, the Launcher/Tools menu has links to open the folders.

Instructions to add the exception are in the pinned faq post.

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