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Positioning error crash - can anyone help?


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I've been searching the forum and this seems to be an error lots of people are having.  I see it's in the Known Issues.  The command console is showing "origin player ray fail" and "origin reposition" over and over.  I can't find any posts about a solution being discovered... Am I going to have to start from scratch?

I've tried to open up debug mode and use "kill me," but after pressing F1, typing "dm" does nothing.


Could someone please help me, even if it's just telling me if there's no way to fix it?  I've been working on it for a very long time and I'm going slightly insane.


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2 hours ago, Prydonian said:

I do, yeah; I’m the host.

I don't know if this will work for you but another player said they validated files a few times and eventually were able to get in. The errors were still happening though, and they spawned in well outside of the known map. Using dm they were then able to tp back onto the map, which fixed the issue.

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9 hours ago, Prydonian said:

Oh, that’s good to know!  I’ll try it.  Validated them through Steam, you mean?  I did it once, but to no avail.  

Yes sometimes, for whatever reason, you have to run the Steam verify file integrity several times in order for it to finally fix the bad file. Try it a few times then do as Beelzybub suggested with the teleporting command and hopefully it’ll fix your issue.

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