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Downed Trees Modlet


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So, I've just completed my first 'mod'.  It's nothing very fancy - it's just one of thos little environmental things that I've felt has been missing from the game (hint, hint TFP..  ;) ).


It randomly spawns downed trees in the various biomes (which you would normally encounter in the real-world).  They are harvestable - just like regular trees.  


Simply unzip the folder into your "Mods" folder (If you don't have a Mods folder, create one in the root 7 Days To Die Folder, making sure it's spelled exactly Mods - with an upper case 'M'.


This can be run on existing maps you've previously generated - you would just need to start a new game.   Or, your can start off with a freshly generated map - your choice!  


[NOTE:  you will see a lot of red error lines in the console view.  This is simply from where the trees are spawning into an area that is already taken up by some other object - such as grass, trees, rocks, etc.  This is normal when spawning in as decoration blocks that take up more than a 1x1x1 space.   It will still work fine.)


Enjoy!  Please let me know what you think of it......    Thanks!





















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