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PaintJobTrucks v1.0 (Alpha 20)


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PaintJobTrucks: Add drivable FunsPims' trucks to the game



You've seen those ambulances and service trucks derelicts around the cities, now you can drive them! 
They are a bit harder to drive and slower than the 4x4, but they have a much more carrying capacity. 
These bad boys are your best choice for your questing or looting expeditions.


How do you get them?
This modlet add the new trucks and everything you need to craft them in your game. Like other vehicles, you will need to either learn how to craft them through the Grease Monkey perk or by finding schematics. They are also sometimes available for sale at your favourite traders.


New in-game resources

Be aware that in order to craft the trucks, you will need a new type of resource, Truck Part, that can only be obtained by wrenching other trucks.


Important Note
For this modlet to work properly, it needs to be installed on the server and every player's computer.


Download v1.0

Release Notes v1.0
Modlet Installation instruction
List of all my mods


You may also want to try Vehicle Madness

The Ambulance, Mo Power Truck and Working Stiff Truck are also included in Vehicles Madness 
along with tons of other vehicles and new in game features like repairing wrecks that you find in the world.


If you never have enough vehicles to ride, Vehicles Madness is for you.

v1.0:    Fist version
    - Implemented Ambulance, Mo Power, and Working Stiff models
    - Added a new PaintJob pristine model
    - New recipes, parts, and loot tables added
    - Truck inventory has 120 storage slots
    - Truck speed is 90% of the 4x4 speed
    - Add exhaust particles to truck models
    - Add icons for trucks, truck parts and truck accessories
    - Add windshield to models
    - Add entries in the localisation file for new entities 

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Really great modlet, vehicle mods like this is what the game is missing, fits excellently into the game. Couple of questions, can we get a version just with the Working Stiff truck, the Mo' Power truck, and the Ambulance? The PaintJob Pristine truck doesn't fit well with the setting imo. And how difficult would it be to make the sedans as well as the miltary truck drivable as well? It's something I've been wanting for awhile now. Anyway, thanks again for your fantastic mod!

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