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Anyone else have this happen?


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Item counts in your inventory change to even display the number 1 on items that are on their own. So 1 crossbow 1 shovel etc.. As if they could be stacked. I've also had it where the crafting menu search field causes the entire inventory menu to become non responsive to clicks of the mouse. Not good at all when your are in the middle of a battle.


Not reporting a bug just wanted to talk about it.





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With zero information provided (i.e. logs), I am going to guess it is related to a mod in regards to the item counts for items that normally don't.


As for the search field, have you cleared it prior to trying to access your inventory?  I have seen that happen before where I type in something to search but didn't clear out my search information.  The game doesn't know if you are done searching for items / recipes so you need to clear out the search field.


You really shouldn't be searching for recipes in the middle of a battle.  There is a favorites tab that you can setup for things like bandages, arrows, blocks, spike traps, etc so you can quickly find them to craft them up.

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any item (in vanilla 7dtd) that has a quality bar can not be stacked because not all item will have the same QL levels and hp/degradation.


if you see a number on the bottom right hand side, it can be stacked, if there is no number and no QL bar, it can not be stacked. the game would have to constantly track the levels and degradation on each item in a stack if that was possible and would severely hit on performance. which is another reason TFP didnt want to stack things with QL bars.


so agreed with @BFT2020 in that, it may be a mod related issue.

stack or not (1).jpg

stack or not (2).jpg

stack or not (3).jpg

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