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Wooden Frames fatigue concrete


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Wooden frames, when placed adjacent to or in support of concrete seem to be eroding the concretes strength value.  Hit points are not impacted.

We were having unexplained collapses from the ceiling in our base, built in the wilderness (so no undermining).  We even went so far as to drill the support pillars all the way directly to bedrock, but a few ceiling plates just would not stay.  You could place a concrete plate in the spot, but if you walked over it it would fall.  When placing those pieces there would be no yellow or pink warning either.

At one point I placed wooden frames adjacent to a support column, did nothing else to alter the design, then removed the wooden frames... and new tiles fell from the ceiling.

I found that by replacing the concrete support structure anywhere that had been touched by wooden frames during construction I was able fix the problem.

NOTE: This is a non-modded A20 server, latest stable.

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There is a known bug that when you build blocks downwards or replace blocks below blocks used for support, the SI is not recalculcated. Your bug could either be a different result of the same bug or you simply made the wrong conclusions from what is happening.


You can turn on SI display (only in debug mode?) and in A20 the color code was much improved. It should help in further tests.


If you have a reproducible test case showing it isn't a duplicate of the already known bug, please make a bug report. OR you could wait for the next experimental that hopefully has a bug fix for the known SI issue and retest if your bug is still happening.


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Thanks Meganoth.  I've been playing with 'Show Stability' on this morning and it's a very useful tool.

I did notice this bug phenomena you describe today.  Occams Razor --> Your bug probably explains my anomoly.

I'll update if I'm able to recreate my framing issues.

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