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  1. Thanks Meganoth. I've been playing with 'Show Stability' on this morning and it's a very useful tool. I did notice this bug phenomena you describe today. Occams Razor --> Your bug probably explains my anomoly. I'll update if I'm able to recreate my framing issues.
  2. Wooden frames, when placed adjacent to or in support of concrete seem to be eroding the concretes strength value. Hit points are not impacted. We were having unexplained collapses from the ceiling in our base, built in the wilderness (so no undermining). We even went so far as to drill the support pillars all the way directly to bedrock, but a few ceiling plates just would not stay. You could place a concrete plate in the spot, but if you walked over it it would fall. When placing those pieces there would be no yellow or pink warning either. At one point I placed wooden frames adjacent to a support column, did nothing else to alter the design, then removed the wooden frames... and new tiles fell from the ceiling. I found that by replacing the concrete support structure anywhere that had been touched by wooden frames during construction I was able fix the problem. NOTE: This is a non-modded A20 server, latest stable.
  3. Once a demon sets you on fire is there any way to douse it? Drinking water doesn't seem to help. Asking for a friend.
  4. *SPOILERS* Both are closer to the burning land than the edlge of the map. The SE is outside the city on the south side.
  5. Is there anyway to upgrade 'Steel' blocks to 'Titanium', or do you have to craft with Titanium blocks?
  6. We were able to find them both. **SPOILERS BELOW** They were located in the northwest and southeast corners. Superfun.
  7. Excellent. Thank you very much.
  8. Thanks! We found one of them last night. Great gaming session. Picked up some laser weapons (swords & pistols), which was great, but there was no Laser Multi-Tool in the work bench. Was there supposed to be? Also, we scraped the place clean but didn't find one in a bench or container either. Was there something we were supposed to do with the blue portal? We destroyed it, and somehow it got into my buddies inventory. He placed it back down and interacted with it and it disappeared for good. So, still without the laser multi-tool.
  9. Our group is playing on DFalls-Large map and we are to the point were we need to find the Big Bunker in the radioactive wasteland. We've already run the Survivalist EVE quests that took me out to the burned zone well bunker (which was terrific). I was hoping the next quest would show me where the Big Bunker location is but it looks like EVE just resends me on her first mission. This map is HUGE. Seems to be wasteland all around the border and driving a vehicle off road in the wasteland is, at best, slow going. It's a lot of ground to cover on foot or on vehicle to find the military tent encampment. Can anyone give a hint as toward the base location in the DFalls-Large map?
  10. KGB, Our group has been playing your mod for a few weeks now. We'd previously been 'War of the Walkers' followers. It's unanimous. Our group of 8 players agrees your mod is the best. Really enjoying it and appreciate the work you've done. Also really appreciate your super participation in this thread. Really helping to take our minds off the COVID problem. Thank you.
  11. General bug/heads-up. My Mechanic Class junk turrets open fire on NPCs I've hired. Really sends a mixed message from HR department.
  12. So I'm getting 'Failed to Instatiate' errors whenever 'blue' zombies are on my screen. I'll be playing and if I go into Winter zone or when blood moons happen the F1 menu pops open to let me know that I suck at Instatiating objects. I've performed delete-completes and reinstalled a few times. I even uninstalled from Steam and deleted my 7D2D directory, then reinstalled and used the mod manager to apply Darkness Falls. That last one actually worked for a few days. I was able to see the glowing blue zombies without error. However, the error returned again for no apparent reason. Anyone else have an issue like this? Any idea which file those blue guys are buried in?
  13. Would like to take a quick pulse to see if our multiplayer server experience in DF is what is expected or if there is something abnormal happening. Basically from the get-go we've been absolutely rofflstomped by the zombies. I read in an earlier post that night #1 is generally savage, which is fine, but every night since then has also been savage. Even the days are savage. In general I like savage. This is the first overhaul we've played were we have felt challenged and I love it, but it's day 18 and we had something called a Demon Spider spawn and we threw everything we had at it (Sniper Rifles, Grenades, RPG, Pump Shotguns, harsh language) at it and we couldnt' break it's tank. It regenerated too fast. I had to beat on it with a machete and lure it away from our base far enough that it would just de-spawn. We've got the game difficulty set at '2'. Our player levels currently range from 20 to 40. From the beginning we've had glowing ferals running in packs every night, some with 1,000hp. We have what I thought was a pretty good base, started in square building POI that has 4 floors with the ground floor being 8 large pillings to support the upper levels with a melee column cage in the center. It's also got a roof top garden area. Anyway right away we filled the ground level with spikes in prep for the first bloodmoon. We had mainly bows and hunting knives with some light firearms support (blunderbuss, pistol). 4 or 5 of us on that night. TOTAL PARTY KILL! Glowing Ferals galore as well as multiple night stalkers. We just couldn't DPS them down fast enough. They moon walked over the spikes and then wrecking balled the melee cage on the ground floor in about 15 seconds. Respawning, hiding and and quietly sobbing seemed to help. We refocused our efforts on the base for the 2nd blood night. Fully upgraded iron spikes, built a very steep upgraded concrete slope at the base, sniper rifles, shotguns, 9mm's, better melee weapons, and then we waited. We felt nervous but... you know... a little confident that we would represent, honor the names of our fathers before us. Literally 30 in-game minutes before Bloodmoon there was a microburst of feral zombies, like a scouting party for the hoard to come. At first they were bemused with the ramp, it was working. Then one block on the ramp failed and they opened our base like a can opener. They moved in. They drank our beer. They threw bricks through our new TV. They left the toilet seat up. After feeding the zombies (with ourselves) we fled, hopped on bicycles and went on a mad caper through the forest being chased by our house-guests. We went to ask the local trader for help. This, in hind site, was a poor choice for everyone involve as our house guests proceeded to remodel his base as well. Is this just the way of things or have we done something wrong? I'd also just like to restate that I really love this overhaul.
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