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6330 .update files inside root directory


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Hey, I wondered why there are 6330 of these files within my root directory.


I've noticed that my game keeps crashing to desktop a lot, so unsure if related to these files or if they're required etc. 6330 of them seems a bit... weird.




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I had asked once before about this, and was told it's some crap from Steam. I've just been minding to delete them every few days.


However looking at it more these appear to be just like the files in the Dynamic Meshes folder. On one of our servers there are twenty thousand of those files, and the other has eighteen thousand. 

@Hated Thoughts?

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I have been wondering about these files as well and thought they might be part of the dynamic mesh/imposter system for the same reason as mentioned above by SylenThunder.

For reference:
I have ~6.7k files in my 7 Days to die client's root directory (on windows) and ~26.5k in the local world save folder from the 18 player dedicated server I'm playing on and hosting on a separate machine.
The server (running debian) has nearly the same ~25.7k files as the windows client's save directory for the same world, but all of the files are in the DynamicMeshes directory for the the world save.

It would be really awesome to get a little bit inside information on how these are updated from the server. Like, is every file updated from the server in one go when a player joins or gradually starting from the surrounding area the player is going to spawn in. And are these done incrementally, much like in incremental backups with just the changed data being saved since the last backup? Excuse me for going on a limb here with the some assumptions if they are totally wrong (and might very well be) 😅

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