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  1. @faatal, any chance of plugging one of the biggest exploits we see online with players clipping their head underground to see and also fire through everything? (This also works for turrets)
  2. You are still adding VR support as per your kickstarter goal, right? Also, any chance you can fix some of the major exploits that happen on PvP servers? I know you don't exactly care for PvP but these exploits practically kill the server type when you can glitch your head through the terrain and see everything underground, and even fire through the terrain due to it. Not to mention that if you stick a block on top of a turret then it will allow the turret to also do the same.
  3. The exploits I would want fixed are true exploits that affect all PvP servers, where a player can use a door or a hatch to clip through the ground to see hidden bases and even fire at players through it. It's so easy to do that they have to be aware of it.. That's the biggest exploit I want to see gone -- remove the players ability to see (and pass) through blocks and keep it for admins that can clip through freely.
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