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Server keeps losing connection ? any advice?


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i will be just driving or just start a mission and the server boots anyone connected.


how do we find out what's causing it ?  seems to be often after i pass this area.  could be coincidence though.


suffice to say its getting hard to play, i wouldn't call crashing the server ever time i drive through town "stable".  


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19 hours ago, Star69 said:

Post the server log using pastebin. Usually the answer is in the log. I’d also suggest posting your log using pastebin as well.

here you go

Server - https://pastebin.com/UpJAFmJZ

client crash a - https://pastebin.com/6wGcg1L3

client crash b - https://pastebin.com/uUJZ7Xpt

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Okay, I’m seeing several things going on. One is that there are a lot of chunk errors which generally means that the save is corrupted. My suspicions are that the crashes caused the corruptions. So what’s causing the crashes?? Well, I’ll admit there are some errors that I haven’t seen before but the errors that I recognize are that you probably have some A19 files mixed into your A20 install. I’m also seeing some litenetlib connection issues but they aren’t consistent….sometimes players connect with ease, other times they are rejected.


This appears to be a home-hosted server, correct me if I’m wrong but generally speaking litenetlib connection issues are usually port forwarding/triggering issues so I’d check with a port scanner that the appropriate ports are open/forwarded on your firewall and router. As an additional step, I’d make sure that your 7 Days server folder has been excluded from your antivirus/antimalware software.


Finally, you need to wipe the server and install a fresh copy of A20 server. You need to remove all traces of 7 Days from the box including any world saves, mod folders if you have ever used mods.


Hopefully, if I’ve missed something, someone else will chime in with additional suggestions.

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On 1/6/2022 at 2:13 PM, RichyYoung said:

seems to be often after i pass this area.

If a specific area is corrupted you can reset the area by deleting the region file. F3 will show you what region you are in.

Also, may not be related to your issues, but you are running a version of windows from 2018. Updating that might help things.

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