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hey pimps want a real dream to come true. try this???


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the dual window idea i gave will probably prove your (generator that you got from someone and are learning even as you go) has a fail safe system built into you haven't found out about yet and the guy who gave you the software will get paid for tech support for it if you don't try this one idea.

make dual window and then watch the start button when you are using the advanced generator. then when it doesn't show the button ready to go mark it somehow as the current alpha limit. then start and run it to prove that the maps it generates are wrong. (like the ones that didn't finish when i was doing it)  (only half of some of the building generated.) the dual windows might prove this and so the limits can be identified. then do you tech stuff from there and you have a checks and balance system for the guys and some people might even think the game is done.

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Honstly : could you write this more expended? because i was reading this 3 times and still a i'm not 100% sure what you want to say.  i don't want to be rude - just is you want to have bigger chances  to get answer for devs try to write as clear and complexed as possible

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My attempt to translate: there’s a UI bug.  With a certain unspecified dual monitor setup, the start button is visible and enabled while generating the map.  If you click start, the game will stop generating the map and launch into the partially generated map.


This is not a Pimp Dream, this is a bug.  You should file a bug report with the necessary details.

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