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  1. they work one time and break but you can make them very easily and can do it in a forge like a hammer. They are flimsy and break after one use though. this will be good in game for when the game comes out and you can make it so it is on the xp tree. you might add a vise also. the channel lock can be used on cars and stuff but remember the single or very quick breaking of the unit could be caused by a clamp used on one end to make it hold tight enough to rip apart cars. so that is how the single use works. remember it doesn't have to be on the xp list. it could be made with to pipe and some household wiring. You simply flatten the two pipes in the center. then you put a bolt in the middle or you bail them together. then you flatten the ends to make them clamp stuff. anyway just try a few version if you want. after all it is just an idea but may be good for the next game.
  2. An adjustment of spawn less zombies and animals will make animals produce double the leather to me when you reduce it by 50 and animal will not disappear until the total operations of the tools are done and sometimes the cry while cutting the whole time. if this is caused by adjustments them you software is not calculation based and therefore will have error until you use this one thing. Make it calculation based as in a spread sheet. then when one thing is changed all the other that are affected must adjust for the calculation and the error will vanish and any optimization will take hold and work immediately. gg. My dad's a Accountant and I have worked with spread sheets a little and this must be the reason for the errors.gg
  3. stop using the same server with multiple cores and use two real server with one looking at the other and making zombies move. then have the main one run the people when you get this right because of zombies walking into walls and stuff you will have an A.I. system that is unparalleled in the industry.
  4. This would make the bases silent in the day time too. except for the electric motor for the rotary converter but you could then use a single beat truck in the whole map with a dead pimp you have to go through to get it and he could be severely mutated with a cut scene showing how he ate an infected bear and that is how he got his huge size. this would be like a mission given by the traders for stalking and hunting. like a holy grail mission. ( The last one. The big one.) by the way a fun pimp beat truck would have four beat alternators. that is four silent motor cycles. don't you would need a hydraulic motor and that could be found inside a mine shaft or forklift or then different ones like the big scoop machine.
  5. They you can make it more durable because it attract zombies and it would be used to clear out places that have them inside. it would lead to place where there are zero cars. oil shale would be like diamonds.
  6. easy software and the codes sent by system like a password reset so that you are aware of the changes to the admin system. this would make it like the world of warcraft system where you have a thing you got a code from. it would also make all hackers have to wait for a reply from you first in order to make changes. then you could catch them. all you have to do is figure out how to do it without them cracking it and that is every single adjustment requires a company validation even the first time server set up. gg.
  7. The problem for me is that I sometimes screw up and then I can't remember what the heck I did to do it. then i have to reinstall the game even remove old files and it is so tedious that i wish people would realize this one line. the easier it is the more people will dig on it and then purchase and once a line of games is so easy with administration (whether or not they get popularity) they will become brand loyal. this is because everyone at one time or another has felt the bite of abuse and making it easy to get back them is worth money to people. like the movie about the kids who hired a bully old bully to help them out when someone beat them up, ( it was the bully of guy who beats his kids because someone beat on him as a kid. come on it is logic so please can we get an easy admin system. Thanks for listening anyways. gg. say hi to gabe.!!! tell him i still want a job!!! speculative marketer.
  8. The idea is to make the horde day a running horde from the burn or all around. You could make it so they break up a place to the inside then move on after killing the occupants and they do the largest last in an area or they concentrate on the one building. this gives the other times to get ready but most bases would have a minimum of two players and that makes 100 bases plus the offliners. they could amount to even thousands but they are skipped during the horde if you are not online so the idea is to use a 500 server and have two hundred players and 300 zombies moving in waves around the map destroying stuff. the waves could be quite large and the horde has to regenerate at the edge of the map when it dies but is a running horde. you could also use the tornado like it battlefield 2042. I use it to take a short cut. the zombie could use multiple ones to transfer themselves from the edge into the map center but winner would be passed over if a wave is defeated. when a new one is due to spawn a tornado shows up outside your base and they fall in from the burn or radiation zone with a city or wasteland of bodies like a huge mass grave that will deplete also. you can make types of them too with water spouts. tidal wave zombies and tornado zombies like the movies. the center might hold a holy relic that is causing it. gg. the relic might be a redemption zone or place of second chances at judgement.
  9. I have been wondering when it will be put into the game and then it thought maybe no one asked.???
  10. I keep forgetting and it is only like five and when you have mined a node it should show up on the journal and the map. It should be in a map legend. please this just look like a mistake because it is done in like every other game ever.!!!
  11. the dual window idea i gave will probably prove your (generator that you got from someone and are learning even as you go) has a fail safe system built into you haven't found out about yet and the guy who gave you the software will get paid for tech support for it if you don't try this one idea. make dual window and then watch the start button when you are using the advanced generator. then when it doesn't show the button ready to go mark it somehow as the current alpha limit. then start and run it to prove that the maps it generates are wrong. (like the ones that didn't finish when i was doing it) (only half of some of the building generated.) the dual windows might prove this and so the limits can be identified. then do you tech stuff from there and you have a checks and balance system for the guys and some people might even think the game is done.
  12. this will tell you when you have surpassed the generation ability of the system as i keep trying to generate a map and it doesn't let me. it will generate and never start and when i use the back button the start button is no longer highlighted so a dual screen and start button viewer with a lock on it showing you can see it but no do it yet would be the right idea and probably a brand new idea so other would be owing you. gg.
  13. I just tried to generate one and then got impatient for a second and restarted, the second one didn't finish generating so i am here. I generated one before and it went fine because it went right into the map starting it all by itself. a video built into the generator showing the steps would make it impossible to do anything but think it is froze and instead of not generating. It just has to show the step of set up and then the little parts and sinking the video once it starts but after a viewing so that when it says (doing this part) it will show in the now replaying video. this will ensure people of the thing is running and help catch crashes when it doesn't. then a size timer could be made with your pc system stats listed as the probable times involved would also help but begging for optimization would occur. i know it get impatient so I am just saying it. anyways please consider this idea.
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