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Thank you for all the paint! (PSA for those who haven't discovered cheap paint crafting yet)


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I've mentioned this in comments on other threads and various places, but on both here and Reddit, I keep coming across more people who haven't caught on to this yet.


The Pimps have unleashed the paint! You might even say, they took the "pain" out of "paint".


See, in the recipes.xml, there's this bit:

<recipe name="resourcePaint" count="100" craft_area="campfire" craft_tool="toolCookingPot">

<ingredient name="resourceCropChrysanthemumPlant" count="1"/>

<ingredient name="drinkJarRiverWater" count="1"/>


See that? Campfire + cooking pot can get you cheap and easy paint cranked out 100 at a time!


Way back when I first started playing this game, I was so happy we could paint... but sooo sad that paint was so painful to make. Chem bench, oil, flowers... Paint was literally the only thing I would spawn in from CM because something that's purely aesthetic being so late-game in acquisition was just something I couldn't deal with. LOL Later on, scrapping dyes became my go to but again, choosing between pretty pants and pretty walls... painful. So back to the CM I went for my paint. And I didn't like that - I like to craft my stuff, I like the process of making things to create the base I want.


Back in A17, I did a co-op challenge with a friend, "30 Days to Live", on Navezgane. A horde base contest, basically. We were on opposite sides of the road outside Diersville close to the gas station. Though it was a competition, we did share some stuff, and since we could only make one chem bench between the two of us, we put it in the middle of the road between our claims and shared it. But he wanted to make gunpowder and I wanted to make... Yup, you guessed it - paint. Since he was hosting the game, he ended up CMing some paint for me. LOL (I named my base Pink Death, spelled out in metal letters on the front so it had to be pink or it wouldn't make any sense. These things matter!) (Also, I won, in case you were wondering.)


The pain is gone, the paint is here. In quantity. And I've been the paint evangelist, mentioning it whenever it was relevant ever since I noticed it, but it really needed it's own thread both to express my gratitude and to spread the word. 


Go, my friends. Go out and paint the world. 


Thank you, Pimps. You've made me very happy!

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I suggested we should be able to harvest paint from the road lines (which return rock) but then someone mentioned how cheap it was to make paint now. Previously I spent all my time taking the dye out of clothing and scrapping those to paint.


For us who enjoy decorating, this is a great change.


Now... if only there were more paint textures...

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3 minutes ago, ricp said:

then someone mentioned how cheap it was to make paint now.

Yeah, that was me! :D I wasn't kidding when I said I'd been spreading the word. LOL 


I recall them mentioning something about possibly eventually moving the paint out of the current system to make it feasible to have more textures without impacting performance. I really hope that happens some day. 

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Well paint being made in a chem lab did kinda make sense, but it didn't make sense that there wasn't a maybe less efficent recipe anywhere else that gets less but can be used earlier. Then again, other than that jacket with the move speed bonus, Paint is purely mainly for deco purposes so making it easy to get as early as the camp fire, is nice.

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