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Early game difficulty


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14 minutes ago, Scyris said:


There is a Day 2 night vulture/wolf mini wandering horde that seemed pretty consistant in terms of showing up on day 2 at night. Learned that my first game in A20 exp and now I prepare for it.

A wolf on day 2 seems consistent, although it might just be a biome spawn? Haven't noticed a vulture as well.

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Playing on Nomad I make a set of Padded Armor and Bone Knife as quickly as I am able.  The Padded doesn't have any stamina or movement penalties and the Bone Knife's stamina cost for power attacks is pretty cheap.  Back away as the dog attacks you and power head shot. You'll take some bites but the Armor will keep it manageable.


Also, if you're clearing a POI use the Primitive Bow with sneak attack head shots (remember the shots from the bows drop so aim a little high).  Those are nearly one shot kills and will be one shots once you put a few points in Agility and the Hidden Strikes Perk.


If you're still having problems pick Fetch rather than Clear missions and chop your way in from the side of the building closest to the stash.

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Preparing a POI on Day 1 is basically a hatch frame in every exterior door way. Then if something attacks they will try go through that hatchframe at which point you bash its head in and repair as necessary. I knuckle wraped a dire wolf to death on day 3 by doing this. There is always a risk that Z's will crawl through the 1 block gap but in my experience of A20 so far, this is rare.


The thing that kills me consistently every single alpha early game are the wandering dog/wolf hordes. I always seem to be at the wrong place at the wrong time for most of them but with the bicycle unlock guranteed as so early in the game, they are not as bad as previous alphas

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