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Rivers / Lakes


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Hi bosses, 

As it's my first post, I want to say hello to everyone.

Unfortunately when I am trying to generate map by RWG, I don't have ANY rivers and ONE or zero lakes... How it is possible bosses...? 
Doesn't matter if it's 6k, 8k or 10k...

Please advise, bosses.


Kind regards,
Disappointed Player

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I hope this helps.

First you will need an image editor if you manually do it, for png format i would suggest Krita. it s free and works well with the transparency layer.

Open splat4processed png.

on the right you see layer one, right mouse brings up menu,

you will see split alpha, hover mouse over

left click alpha into mask

uncheck the eye and you will see layer one change from checkerboard

select layer one, you should see green, use eyedropper to make green your paint color

pick a brush and paint, save file reload game and the game should generate water.

This is the roughest insertion possible.

water can also be added in biomes using      fill up to, and in r w g adjusting water level.


If this is something you would like to do, tell me which option you are most comfortable with

and i will try to type instructions.


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If it is about water to drink, there is a lot of other options. There are small open sewers besides the streets, all of them are filled with water after it rained. One type of them is always filled with water. One of the farm POI´s has a pond, several other houses have swimming pools. And ofc there is the water works wich has a huge reservoir. And then there is also water towers you can break open. 


For me every random map had lakes and rivers so far.

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