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A20 2 day single player "Bedroll is in Quest house"


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First Trader Quest  2nd game day.  Single player, on my windows 10 pc.   Went to hit the bouncy ! and it tells me there is a bed roll place in the house..  no one else but me playing and well have not been in the house till then.   called poi: farm_12

What Bed Roll.jpg

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i checked the poi and there is no bedroll on the poi itself.. if you placed one down try moving it further away from the poi. there is a good detection range on them so it will see it if its near.


i did a video showing this poi and a bedroll and when i get done uploading it i will add it to this comment.

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know that .. I didnot place a bed roll in this poi..           But MAYbe because mine is across the street? I did increase the range of the bedroll.



IE.. yes the bedroll I placed in poi across the street reached the edge of the farm12 poi.  Removing my place bedroll solved the Problem.



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resolved issue myself. (see edit history)
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