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what's about perks bug ?


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first, let me know that I really appreciate the game and I don't rage here, but I have interogation,

since 19.1 the hunter perk level 2 still not work (sorry, can't remember the uk name, this is the perk with you can localize animal, work fine at level 1 but 2 and 3 nothing appear even if le command show us animal in zone)

since 19.5 we notice that zombie who die with bleed, fire or elec-stun do not gice any exp (even the electrical fence)

I search in the bugpool and I find that these bug as known... (so not necessary  to repost specific post about this)

So ok, but I think perks must not bug, imagine new player discover this, I think impact is more negative that a language file for integration.

I'm sure the a20 made lots of work, but I'm annoying about this...


note : I made a full reinstall of the game and delete all the 7days directory, even the directory in the user one, and thing still append on our 3 games (in 3 different servers and 3 different setup)

please, correct this important base bug, please

(sorry if my english is bad, hope you mean what I would say)

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The animal tracking skill works for me. I am at level 5 in that skill and it is fine. I can check other levels.


You do not gain experience from electrical fence kills unless you have a specific skill, and then you only gain 50% of normal experience. I can say without a doubt that this DOES work because it is how I leveled up so easily.


As Meganoth said though, the game is alpha. Sometimes the bugs are part of the fun.

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thk for reply,

I know it's still alpha (and that why I appreciate cause we got regulary news and addon), I post just because when I saw in the bugpool, the answer is "we know" but nothing about and day after day I see that perk gone more wrong.

I just think about new player who will see this bugs...


I retrieve the perk name of animaltracker (the one with 3 level, not 5)

with the electrical, fire, bleed buff, it really occur with the weapon (difficult to see if fence are really affected with this but I presume (and i know that you need level 3 in ingeeneiring to get 20%xp ^^)


so, as I mention, this post is not a rage but a question to funpimp ;)

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