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  1. did I say you that I can't play solo game without your rules ? trying to convince my mate to put it on our server 👍👍👍👍
  2. good job, but... as at 50% eggs become already hard to loot, a 20% less is not for me, I stay on 1.01... 😕 just a question (or two). 1.As my friend are not open for a true survival but your spawning range will be interesting to put in my server. can I just copy the spawning.xml to got your spawn range or does I mean the entitygroups.xml too ? 2.if I use a mod like Snifkin Serverside Zombie, does your spawning.xml will be affected or not ?
  3. made some try at 50% and 100%. your mod doesnot affect loot variety, just the quantity, and at 50%, it's really hard to find stuff but not impossible, I like it and for now can't play with regular parameter just a thing, I usually use airdrop 1 or 2 times, but <100% the box is always empty. It's not really important as I use one time, I just pass to 100% to get 1 cooking to eat, just to let you know. I really enjoy the difficulty. Good job. perhaps made the Vending machines restock every 4-5 days ?
  4. just try the first day, seem to be good. just a precision, I usually play at 33% loot. Is this still playable or do I need to come back to 100%
  5. ooops, thanks, I search but my english is poor and not find it. sorry for that
  6. hi, since the b8, I notice that when you launch a pipe bomb, you need to change the toolbelt item on your arm or the next pipe you got in your hand will explode at the same time the one you just launch bothing in console, just check 2 clips here https://clips.twitch.tv/HedonisticSpinelessAnacondaAMPEnergy https://clips.twitch.tv/BrightTrappedCattleMVGame
  7. thanks for the quicly update. you're awesome
  8. ok i think i found. I test each item and the bug occur with the big magazine mod of my junk turret (the round one called "camembert" in french). If I delete this item (put on the ground and wait to disappear), the game load fine. I can retake a magazine via the creative menu to reequip my turret, it seems to work...
  9. Thank for your response. I retry, so when I load the game with my stuff on me, I spawn at level 1 If I put my stuff in a storage box (I made it a different position), I keep my level but a square of 15x15 around the storage box is reinitialised (and the storage box disappear. here it is my stuff
  10. here it is, i see a spawner about a spawner (that why i think it's about nitrogen map) output_log__2020-04-02__16-38-50.txt
  11. I will try. I just testing with putting all my stuff in a storage in my base and go far away before put the mod thinking I will give me back my xp with console command, but this time I keep my xp but a part of my base was reinitialised as you can see (with an error in the console) notice that there is 2 new creatures in the screenshot (a mantis and a cowhead i think ^^ (and before quit after sccreenshot, I was hear a new creature sound to my left ^^)), that mean that the mod work... EDIT: just testing after deleting quest and loot file, same thing. A square of 15x15 was reinitialised in m
  12. hi, very good job. we love it on our server. but in my solo game, I got a problem. When I launch the game, I spawn level 1 without items in blet or backpack (all the rest is ok, base, storage, etc...) I use a nitrogen map (with all biome) did you think this can cause the problem (i made a save of my game to retrieve my true level without the mod)
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