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  1. thk for reply, I know it's still alpha (and that why I appreciate cause we got regulary news and addon), I post just because when I saw in the bugpool, the answer is "we know" but nothing about and day after day I see that perk gone more wrong. I just think about new player who will see this bugs... I retrieve the perk name of animaltracker (the one with 3 level, not 5) with the electrical, fire, bleed buff, it really occur with the weapon (difficult to see if fence are really affected with this but I presume (and i know that you need level 3 in ingeeneiring to get 20%xp ^^) so, as I mention, this post is not a rage but a question to funpimp
  2. hi, first, let me know that I really appreciate the game and I don't rage here, but I have interogation, since 19.1 the hunter perk level 2 still not work (sorry, can't remember the uk name, this is the perk with you can localize animal, work fine at level 1 but 2 and 3 nothing appear even if le command show us animal in zone) since 19.5 we notice that zombie who die with bleed, fire or elec-stun do not gice any exp (even the electrical fence) I search in the bugpool and I find that these bug as known... (so not necessary to repost specific post about this) So ok, but I think perks must not bug, imagine new player discover this, I think impact is more negative that a language file for integration. I'm sure the a20 made lots of work, but I'm annoying about this... note : I made a full reinstall of the game and delete all the 7days directory, even the directory in the user one, and thing still append on our 3 games (in 3 different servers and 3 different setup) please, correct this important base bug, please (sorry if my english is bad, hope you mean what I would say)
  3. hope this option will appear. I already have 4 in a row but only one time. If you want, you can use the setgamestat bloodmoonday when you want a day off (or use a settime command, this will reroll the bloodmoonday range). You need to know the day but you can have a break with it
  4. Hi, I really enjoy playing with random blood (freq set to 1 and range to 10). I disable the red alert but, I always have the storm a 18:00 (and with integration it turn to bloodmoon mode at 19:00). I look everywhere but I see nothing about that. Is it possible to make the storm appear at 21 (and integration too) ?
  5. another post here to let you know that we play on it since several month for now, and we asking ourself how we made the return to vanilla when a20 come.... and be glad that we stream your mod every week (if you want to take a look, every friday and saturday night (19-0h france time) and sometimes on daytime, solo and server, look for my nickname on twitch). we play at 50% loot and it's really good. keep the job and hope this mod will continue on a20 ^^
  6. we will start a multiplayer streaming session, but my server does not have mod launcher and require manual config. do you confirm that the only thing I need to do is to copy the config folder of a local release (the one with all the xml and txt files) to the config server folder ? A simple question about stay inside remove restriction. Does the quest still in case of death or not ? (I don't try)
  7. did I say you that I can't play solo game without your rules ? trying to convince my mate to put it on our server 👍👍👍👍
  8. good job, but... as at 50% eggs become already hard to loot, a 20% less is not for me, I stay on 1.01... 😕 just a question (or two). 1.As my friend are not open for a true survival but your spawning range will be interesting to put in my server. can I just copy the spawning.xml to got your spawn range or does I mean the entitygroups.xml too ? 2.if I use a mod like Snifkin Serverside Zombie, does your spawning.xml will be affected or not ?
  9. made some try at 50% and 100%. your mod doesnot affect loot variety, just the quantity, and at 50%, it's really hard to find stuff but not impossible, I like it and for now can't play with regular parameter just a thing, I usually use airdrop 1 or 2 times, but <100% the box is always empty. It's not really important as I use one time, I just pass to 100% to get 1 cooking to eat, just to let you know. I really enjoy the difficulty. Good job. perhaps made the Vending machines restock every 4-5 days ?
  10. just try the first day, seem to be good. just a precision, I usually play at 33% loot. Is this still playable or do I need to come back to 100%
  11. ooops, thanks, I search but my english is poor and not find it. sorry for that
  12. hi, since the b8, I notice that when you launch a pipe bomb, you need to change the toolbelt item on your arm or the next pipe you got in your hand will explode at the same time the one you just launch bothing in console, just check 2 clips here https://clips.twitch.tv/HedonisticSpinelessAnacondaAMPEnergy https://clips.twitch.tv/BrightTrappedCattleMVGame
  13. thanks for the quicly update. you're awesome
  14. ok i think i found. I test each item and the bug occur with the big magazine mod of my junk turret (the round one called "camembert" in french). If I delete this item (put on the ground and wait to disappear), the game load fine. I can retake a magazine via the creative menu to reequip my turret, it seems to work...
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