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weapons clothes we need more

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so since theres only a hazmat suit and other clothes and armor that are plain boring or cool we need more clothes weapons we need some jason inspired hockey mask a red and green striped sweater like freddy kruegers and some burlap sack mask like part 2 jason some fedoras a gas mask power armor now the weapons a bladed glove like freddy kruegers  glove since we have the machete we need a unique lookin one a wood handled machete with blood on the blade jasons machete the evil dead II chainsaw better than the old chainsaw we got a scoped revolver Lord humongus will be proud!! and a minigun a howdah pistol flare gun and pitchforks also theyre tools wierd silver orbs that kill with blades and drill like features like the movie phantasm and a puzzle box that kills zombies with chains with meat hooks on them just like hellraiser a weed whacker with a sawblade on it golf clubs meat cleavers kitchen knives a spas 12 a ar 15 thats all

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Agreed but good points none the less. 

A pitchfork would be sweet in this game! 

Hell it could have the same exact animation as the shovel, obviously with better stats. 

Put some blood & chunks of torn flesh in the teeth.....F'n sweet!! 

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Seriously.....the word "@%$#" is censored....jesus 😔 (see edit history)
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